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      ''TIBERE'' a calculational method of the effect of lattice heterogeneity on the neutron leakage [1]
      ''TIBERE'' une methode de calcul de l'effet de l'heterogeneite d'un reseau sur les fuites de neutrons [1]
      137Cs in environment of Montenegro (since 1999) [1]
      137Cs u životnoj sredini Crne Gore (od 1999. godine) [1]
      137Cs у животној средини Црне Горе (од 1999. године) [1]
      17 beta-estradiol inhibits hepatic iNOS via the activation of the estrogen receptor ER-alfa and inhibition of erk1/2-mir-221 axis [1]
      177Lu–labeled micro liposomes as a potential radiosynoviorthesis therapeutic agent [1]
      17β-estradiol inhibits hepatic iNOS via the activation of the estrogen receptor ER-α and inhibition of erk1/2-mir-221 axis [1]
      3D Digital Image Correlation Analysis of the Shrinkage Strain in Four Dual Cure Composite Cements [1]
      99m Tc-, 90 Y-, and 177 Lu-Labeled Iron Oxide Nanoflowers Designed for Potential Use in Dual Magnetic Hyperthermia/Radionuclide Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis [1]
      99MtC(I)-tricarbonyl labeling of ethylene Duamine-N,N'-DI-3-Propanoate diethyl ester as potential radiopharmaceutical agent [1]
      99mTc-complex of novel diamine-dioxime ligand [1]
      99mTc–bisphosphonate–coated magnetic nanoparticles as potential theranostic nanoagent [1]
      A compact fine-grained calorimeter for luminosity measurement at a linear collider [1]
      A Comparative EPR Study of Non-Substituted and Mg-Substituted Hydroxyapatite Behaviour in Model Media and during Accelerated Ageing [1]
      A comparative study of photocatalytically active nanocrystalline tetragonal zyrcon-type and monoclinic scheelite-type bismuth vanadate [1]
      A comparison of alpha-particle and gamma-ray spectrometry methods for determination of 235U, 238U and 226Ra activity concentration in samples of coal, slag and fly-ash [1]
      A comprehensive review on selected graphene synthesis methods: from electrochemical exfoliation through rapid thermal annealing towards biomass pyrolysis [1]
      A continuous hydrogen absorption/desorption model for metal hydride reactor coupled with PCM as heat management and its application in the fuel cell power system [1]
      A contribution to the study of thermal loads of hydraulic and active mounts of powertrain of a freight motor vehicle [1]