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      ''TIBERE'' a calculational method of the effect of lattice heterogeneity on the neutron leakage [1]
      ''TIBERE'' une methode de calcul de l'effet de l'heterogeneite d'un reseau sur les fuites de neutrons [1]
      (Electro)chemical and antimicrobial characterization of novel Ru(II) bipyridine complexes with acetylpyridine analogs [1]
      100 година од објављивања књиге From Immigrant to Inventor Михајла Пупина [1]
      137Cs in environment of Montenegro (since 1999) [1]
      137Cs u životnoj sredini Crne Gore (od 1999. godine) [1]
      137Cs у животној средини Црне Горе (од 1999. године) [1]
      16Cr3Al-Hf ODS steel: Surface effects of high laser intensity of 1015 W/cm2 in ambiences of air, helium and vacuum [1]
      17 beta-estradiol inhibits hepatic iNOS via the activation of the estrogen receptor ER-alfa and inhibition of erk1/2-mir-221 axis [1]
      177Lu-doxycycline as potential radiopharmaceutical: electrochemical characterization, radiolabeling, and biodistribution in tumor-bearing mice [1]
      177Lu–labeled micro liposomes as a potential radiosynoviorthesis therapeutic agent [1]
      17β-estradiol inhibits hepatic iNOS via the activation of the estrogen receptor ER-α and inhibition of erk1/2-mir-221 axis [1]
      1D selective confinement and diffusion of metal atoms on graphene [1]
      2-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-azo-pyridone Dye: A Potential Application as New Green-Emitting Fluorescent Probe [1]
      238U, 226Ra, 232Th and 40K distribution with soil depth in agricultural soil rigosol type and its relation with main soil properties [1]
      27. simpozijum Društva za zaštitu od zračenja Srbije i Crne Gore : zbornik radova : Vrnjačka Banja, 2-4. oktobar 2013. godine [1]
      2D CFD numerička simulacija fluidizacione komore sagorevanja bazirane na Euler-Euler granularnom modelu [1]
      2D fluidized combustion chamber cfd simulation based on Euler-Euler granular flow model [1]
      2D silver-bismuth-iodide rudorffitenanomaterials for photovoltaic devices: a novel route for chemical synthesis of Ag3BiI6nanosheets [1]
      30-Fold increase in relative sensitivity of Dy3+ luminescent boltzmann thermometers using multiparameter and multilevel cascade temperature readings [1]