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      Mn bioavailability in soil after in situ remediation with apatite additive [1]
      Model-free and model-based kinetics of the combustion process of low rank coals with high ash contents using TGA-DTG-DTA-MS and FTIR techniques [1]
      Modeling EEG fractal dimension changes in wake and drowsy states in humans—a preliminary study [1]
      Modeling of transport processes in the cigarette principle combustion furnace [1]
      Modelovanje sorpcionih izotermi jona Ni(II) na otpadnim cementnim materijalima [1]
      Moderate physical activity alters cardiac lipid metabolism of male rats on high fructose diet [1]
      Modification of graphene oxide surfaces with 12-molybdophosphoric acid: Structural and antibacterial study [1]
      Modification of polyethylene’s surface properties by high fluence Fe implantation [1]
      Modulation of Hippocampal Antioxidant Defense System in Chronically Stressed Rats by Lithium [1]
      Modulation of rat synaptosomal ATPases and acetylcholinesterase activities induced by chronic exposure to the static magnetic field [1]
      Modulational Instability, Inter-Component Asymmetry, and Formation of Quantum Droplets in One-Dimensional Binary Bose Gases [1]
      Molecular Alterations and Effects of Acute Dehydroepiandrosterone Treatment Following Brief Bilateral Common Carotid Artery Occlusion: Relevance to Transient Ischemic Attack [1]
      Molecular basis of glucocorticoid action [2]
      Molekulska osnova delovanja glikokortikoida [1]
      Monitoring doze za očno sočivo u interventnoj radiologiji i kardiologiji [1]
      Monitoring radioaktivnosti u životnoj sredini u okolini nuklearnih objekata u Srbiji tokom 2014-2016. godine [1]
      Monotone Signal Segments Analysis as a novel method of breath detection and breath-to-breath interval analysis in rat [2]
      Monte Carlo dosimetry for brachytherapy of cervical cancer [1]
      Monte Carlo dozimetrija u brahiterapiji kancera cerviksa [1]
      Monte Carlo simulation of HPGe detector background coming from radionuclides, cosmic and skyshine radiation [1]