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      Influence of muon flux variations to level of background activity during low-background gamma spectrometric measurements [1]
      Influence of nanostructured calcium aluminate and calcium silicate on the liver: histological and unbiased stereological analysis [1]
      Influence of nuclear multiple scattering on axially channeled protons in a bent crystal [1]
      Influence of sample fragmentation and measurements geometry on determination of specific activity of radionuclides in sample of granite [1]
      Influence of sample preparation on measurement of low concentration of radiocaesium in fresh water - review of the intercomparison results [1]
      Influence of synthesis conditions on morphological features of the SBA-15 containing only elongated and rounded/spherical grains [1]
      Influence of temperature and different hydroxides on properties of activated carbon prepared from saccharose. Characterization, thermal degradation kinetic and dyes removal from water solutions [1]
      Influence of the alkyl chain length on densities and volumetric properties of 1,3-dialkylimidazolium bromide ionic liquids and their aqueous solutions [1]
      Influence of the Charge State of Xenon Ions on the Depth Distribution Profile Upon Implantation into Silicon [1]
      Influence of the Shape of Copper Powder Particles on the Crystal Structure and Some Decisive Characteristics of the Metal Powders [1]
      Influence of thermoplasticized starch on physical-chemical properties of new biodegradable carriers intended for forest industry [1]
      Influence of various concentrations of 24-epibrassinolide on the kinetic parameters during isothermal dehydration of two maize hybrids [1]
      Initial microstructure effect on the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V ELI alloy processed by high-pressure torsion [1]
      Insight into the Formation of Glimepiride Nanocrystals by Wet Media Milling [1]
      Insight into the Interaction between Selected Antitumor Gold(III) Complexes and Citrate Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles [1]
      Interaction of Au(iii) and Pt(ii) complexes with Na/K-ATPase: experimental and theoretical study of reaction stoichiometry and binding sites [1]
      Interactions of acidic soil near copper mining and smelting complex and waste-derived alkaline additives [2]
      Interactions of binuclear copper(II) complexes with S-substituted thiosalicylate derivatives with some relevant biomolecules [1]
      Interactions of moving charge with supported graphene in the presence of strain-induced pseudomagnetic field [1]
      Interactive promotion of supercapacitance of rare earth/CoO3-based spray pyrolytic perovskite microspheres hosting the hydrothermal ruthenium oxide [1]