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      Improved single-step extraction performance of aqueous biphasic systems using novel symmetric ionic liquids for the decolorisation of toxic dye effluents [2]
      Improved Value for the Gamow-Teller Strength of the Sn100 Beta Decay [1]
      Improvements in the calculational methods of nuclear reactor assemblies [1]
      Improvements of digital survey meter DMRZ-M15 and prototype of stationary alarm monitor DMRZ-M15A [1]
      Improvements of GMC7 software for the instrument for continuous measurement of gamma radiation in the enviornment [1]
      Improving stability of cerium oxide nanoparticles by microbial polysaccharides coating [1]
      Improving thin film flexible supercapacitor electrode properties using ion-track technology [1]
      In search of an optimal in-field calibration method of low-cost gas sensors for ambient air pollutants: Comparison of linear, multilinear and artificial neural network approaches [1]
      In Silico Discovery of a Substituted 6-Methoxy-quinalidine with Leishmanicidal Activity in Leishmania infantum [1]
      In situ and laboratory gamma spectrometry measurements in the moss [1]
      In situ i laboratorijsko gamaspektrometrijsko merenje u mahovini [1]
      In situ synthesis of potassium tungstophosphate supported on BEA zeolite and perspective application for pesticide removal [1]
      In vivo toxicity evaluation of two polyoxotungstates with potential antidiabetic activity using Wistar rats as a model system [1]
      Inactivation of melanoma cells irradiated with gamma rays and low energy protons [1]
      Increased plasma phosphatidylcholine/lysophosphatidylcholine ratios in patients with Parkinson's disease [1]
      Indoor radon activity concentration measurement using charcoal canister [1]
      Indoor radon seasonal variability [1]
      Indoor radon, natural and artificial radionuclides in kindergartens of Kragujevac city [1]
      Industrial steel waste as an iron source to promote heterogeneous and homogeneous oxidation/reduction reactions [1]
      Inertial effects in the dc+ac driven underdamped Frenkel-Kontorova model: Subharmonic steps, chaos, and hysteresis [1]