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      Environmental radioactivity of the Republic of Serbia in the period 1985-2015 [1]
      Environmental radioactivity proficiency tests: results evaluation of gamma radiation measurements in a case of emergency and continuously activities [1]
      Enzymatic glucose biosensor based on manganese dioxide nanoparticles decorated on graphene nanoribbons [1]
      Erosive wear properties of ZA-27 alloy-based nanocomposites: Influence of type, amount, and size of nanoparticle reinforcements [1]
      Erratum: A new approach on modeling of the B-VIII, the ultimate achievement of the second “Uranverain” [1]
      Establishing the European diagnostic reference levels for interventional cardiology [1]
      Estimating the radon flux density from soil at the territory of Montenegro [1]
      Estimation of Cadmium uptake by tobacco plants from laboratory leaching tests [1]
      Estimation of measurement uncertainty in measuring radiopharmaceutical activity in dose calibrator [1]
      Estradiol ameliorates antioxidant axis SIRT1-FoxO3a-MnSOD/catalase in the heart of fructose-fed ovariectomized rats [1]
      Estradiol‐mediated regulation of hepatic iNOS in obese rats: Impact of Src, ERK1/2, AMPKα, and miR‐221 [1]
      Estrogen receptors modulate ectonucleotidases activity in hippocampal synaptosomes of male rats [1]
      Eu3+-Activated Sr3ZnTa2O9 single-component white light phosphors: emission intensity enhancement and color rendering improvement [1]
      EURAMET i DOSEtrace project and supplementary comparison [1]
      EURAMET i DOSEtrace projekat i dodatna interkomparacija [1]
      European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA)/Heart Rhythm Society (HRS)/Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS)/Latin American Heart Rhythm Society (LAHRS) expert consensus on arrhythmias and cognitive function: What is the best practice? [1]
      Evaluacija antioksidativnog potencijala gljive Cordyceps sinensis in vitro [1]
      Evaluation of antioxidant potential of Cordyceps sinensis in vitro [1]
      Evaluation of azamethiphos and dimethoate degradation using chlorine dioxide during water treatment [1]
      Evaluation of dose rate data provided by non-governmental networks [1]