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      Detection of Adulterated Honey by Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices [1]
      Detection of Cu2+ ions in aqueous solution via emission quenching of colloidal EuPO4 ultrasmall nanoparticles [1]
      Detection of Dimethoate Pesticide using Layer by Layer Deposition of PDAC/GO on Ag electrode [1]
      Determination of coincidence summing correction factors for 22na point source [1]
      Determination of coincidence summing correction factors for Y88 point source [1]
      Determination of neutron energy spectra presence in gamma spectroscopic measurements using Ge-detectors [1]
      Determination of plutonium isotopes in the surface air at Vinča-Belgrade site following Chernobyl accident [1]
      Determination of radionuclides in lichen from storage H2 [1]
      Determination of the activity concentration of 137Cs and 40K in blueberry-based products consumed in Serbia [1]
      Determination of the strong coupling constant α S(mZ) from measurements of inclusive W± and Z boson production cross sections in proton-proton collisions at √s=7 and 8 TeV [1]
      Determination of the wall variables within the zonal model of radiation inside a pulverized coal-fired furnace [1]
      Determination of transfer coefficients in biokinetic model for Y-90-DOTATOC therapy [1]
      Determination of uniformity and field size of reference X-ray beams [1]
      Determining the probability of locating peaks using computerized peak-location methods in gamma-ray spectra as a function of the relative peak-area uncertainty [1]
      Developing a novel resorptive hydroxyapatite-based bone substitute for over-critical size defect reconstruction: Physicochemical and biological characterization and proof of concept in segmental rabbit's ulna reconstruction [1]
      Developing an advanced electrocatalyst derived from triangular silver nanoplates@polyvinylpyrrolidone-polyaniline nanocomposites [1]
      Developing the Techniques for Solving the Inverse Problem in Photoacoustics [1]
      Development and testing of a low cost radiation protection instrument based on an energy compensated Geiger-Müller tube [1]
      Development of mathematical model for co-firing pulverized coal and biomass in experimental furnace [1]
      DFT Calculations to Study Hydrogen Localization and Diffusion in Disordered Bcc Ti-V-Cr Alloys [1]