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      Dielectric spectroscopy of nanocomposites based on iPP and aPS treated in the water solutions of alkali metal salts [1]
      Difference between RADFET response in static and dynamic on-line measurement systems during exposed to gamma radiation of Co60 [1]
      Different Modes of Elliptic and Triangular Flow in Ultrarelativistic PbPb Collisions from HYDJET Model [1]
      Different techniques for Ra226 determination in water samples [1]
      Differently shaped nanocrystalline (Fe, Y)3O4 and its adsorption efficiency toward inorganic arsenic species [1]
      Diffraction pattern of the light on track in track detectors [1]
      Diffusion of radon and thoron in diffusion chambers [1]
      Difrakciona slika tragova u trag detektorima [1]
      Difuzija radona i torona u difuzionim komorama [1]
      Dilema LNT ili HORMESIS model u zaštiti od zračeja i nuklearno oružje [1]
      Dilemma LNT or HORMESIS model in radiation protection and nuclear weapons [1]
      Direct Formation of Burkeite in the Geothermal Waters at Vranjska Banja, Serbia [1]
      Direktna metoda za određivanje ukupne alfa/beta aktivnosti u vodama [1]
      Discoloration of resin based composites in natural juices and energy drinks [1]
      Discovery of the Biginelli hybrids as novel caspase-9 activators in apoptotic machines: Lipophilicity, molecular docking study, influence on angiogenesis gene and miR-21 expression levels [1]
      Discrete element model of particle transport and premixing action in modified screw conveyors [1]
      Discriminant analysis of cardiovascular and respiratory variables for classification of road cyclists by specialty [1]
      Dispersive properties of self–induced transparency in two–level media [1]
      Disposable Biosensor Based on Amidase/CeO2/GNR Modified Inkjet‐printed CNT Electrodes‐droplet Based Paracetamol Detection in Biological Fluids for “Point‐of‐care” Applications [1]
      DisProt: intrinsic protein disorder annotation in 2020 [1]