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      Beneficial Role of ROS in Cell Survival: Moderate Increases in H2O2 Production Induced by Hepatocyte Isolation Mediate Stress Adaptation and Enhanced Survival [1]
      Bifunctional (Zn,Fe)3O4 nanoparticles: Tuning their efficiency for potential application in reagentless glucose biosensors and magnetic hyperthermia [1]
      Biliverdin-copper complex at physiological pH [2]
      Biochemical and molecular biological aspects of glucose intolerance in elderly persons [2]
      Biocompatibility nanostructured biomaterials based on calcium aluminate [1]
      Biocompatibility of TiO2 prolate nanospheroids as a potential photosenzitizer in therapy of cancer [1]
      Biocontrol and plant stimulating potential of novel strain Bacillus sp. PPM3 isolated from marine sediment [1]
      Biodostupnost Mn u zemljištu nakon in situ remedijacije apatitnim aditivom [1]
      Bioevaluation of glucose-modified liposomes as a potential drug delivery system for cancer treatment using 177-Lu radiotracking [1]
      Biofilm-forming ability and infection potential of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from animals and humans [1]
      Biohemijski i molekularno biološki aspekti intolerancije glukoze kod starijih osoba [1]
      Biological outcomes of γ-radiation induced DNA damages in breast and lung cancer cells pretreated with free radical scavengers [1]
      Biosorpcija Mn 2+ jona iz vodenih rastvora [1]
      Biosorption of Mn 2+ ions from aqueous solutions [1]
      Blending performance of the coupled Ross static mixer and vertical feed mixer - Discrete element model approach [1]
      BN theory: Advances and new models for neutron leakage calculation [1]
      Bonding mechanism of some simple ionic systems: Bader topological analysis of some alkali halides and hydrides revisited [1]
      Boron-doped diamond electrode as efficient sensing platform for simultaneous quantification of mefenamic acid and indomethacin [1]
      Bose-Einstein correlations of charged hadrons in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV [1]
      Brain capillary perfusion in the spontaneously hypertensive rat during the wake-sleep cycle [1]