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      The X Files: “The Mystery of X Chromosome Instability in Alzheimer’s Disease” [1]
      Theoretical and experimental investigation of geometry and stability of small potassium‐iodide KnI(n=2–6) clusters [1]
      Theoretical and experimental study of small potassium-bromide KnBr(0,1+) (n = 2–6) and KnBrn-1(0,1+) (n = 3–5) clusters [1]
      Theoretical investigation of structural, mechanical, elastic and vibrational properties of advanced materials under extreme conditions [1]
      Theoretical study of AlN mechanical behaviour under high pressure regime [1]
      Thermal analysis testing and natural radioactivity characterization of kaolin as building material [1]
      Thermal and Mechanical Characteristics of Dual Cure Self-etching, Self-adhesive Resin Based Cement [1]
      Thermo-Analytical Characterization of Various Biomass Feedstocks for Assessments of Light Gaseous Compounds and Solid Residues [1]
      Thermo-oxidative evolution and physico-chemical characterization of seashell waste for application in commercial sectors [1]
      Thermochemical behavior of C60. Kinetics of decomposition in different atmospheres [1]
      Thoron problem and proposal of method for direct determination of the thoron progeny concentrations [1]
      Tianeptine antagonizes the reduction of PV+ and GAD67 cells number in dorsal hippocampus of socially isolated rats [1]
      Tibere and Tibere-2: new consistent models for calculation of space-dependent directional leakage coefficients for a heterogenous assembly [1]
      Time-integrated luminescence thermometry of Eu3+ and Dy3+ doped YVO4 [1]
      TiO2 Nanoparticle Deposition on Solid CP-Ti Substrate through Spraying Water Colloid in the Arc Plasma [1]
      TiO2 nanoparticles influence on rhodamine 6G droplet emission [1]
      TixOy thin films with extremely low extinction coefficients obtained by pulsed magnetron sputtering [1]
      Top-quark physics at the CLIC electron-positron linear collider [1]
      Total Mercury Levels in Commercial Fish in Market of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
      Towards a theory of flow stress in multimodal polycrystalline aggregates. Effects of dispersion hardening [1]