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      Synergistic electrocatalytic effect of Pd and Rh nanoislands co-deposited on Au(poly) on HER in alkaline solution [1]
      Synthesis and antibacterial activity of iron manganite (FeMnO3) particles against the environmental bacterium Bacillus subtilis [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of BaTiO3/α-Fe2O3 core/shell structure [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of Co-Mo bimetallic carbides [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of monophase CaO-TiO2-SiO2 (sphene) based glass-ceramics [1]
      Synthesis and Characterization of Na0.4MnO2 as a Positive Electrode Material for an Aqueous Electrolyte Sodium-ion Energy Storage Device [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline polyhedral oligo silsesquioxanes (POSS) with cross-linkable functionalities [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of pyrochlore lanthanide (Pr, Sm) zirconate ceramics [1]
      Synthesis and Electrochemical Estimation of DNA-Binding Capacity of Novel Ferrocene-Containing Pyrrolidines [1]
      Synthesis and multiple hardening of a rapidly solidified iron-based matrix [1]
      Synthesis and Properties of Ni-doped Goethite and Ni-doped Hematite Nanorods [1]
      Synthesis and spectroscopic characterisation of LiFePO4 cathode materials [1]
      Synthesis and structural characterizations of novel atropoisomeric ferrocene-containing six-membered cyclic ureas [1]
      Synthesis and thermal properties of arylazo pyridone dyes [1]
      Synthesis of AuAg@Ag core/shell bimetallic nanoparticles in titanium nitride thin films by sequential ion implantation [2]
      Synthesis of fluorapatite nanopowders by a surfactant-assisted microwave method under isothermal conditions [1]
      Synthesis of novel ferrocene-containing 1,3-thiazinan-2-imines: One-pot reaction promoted by ultrasound irradiation [1]
      Synthesis of studies on significant atmospheric electrical effects of major nuclear accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima [1]
      Synthesis, Calcination and Characterization of CoMoO4 Nanopowders by GNP Method [1]
      Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of novel 3-ferrocenyl-2-pyrazolyl-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones [1]