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      Approximate prediction of the CIE coordinates of lanthanide-doped materials from the Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters [1]
      Apricot kernel shells pyrolysis controlled by non-isothermal simultaneous thermal analysis (STA) [1]
      Aqueous biphasic systems comprising copolymers and cholinium-based salts or ionic liquids: Insights on the mechanisms responsible for their creation [1]
      Archaeometric study of 17th/18th century painted pottery from the Belgrade Fortress [1]
      Argon ions deeply implanted in silicon studied by Rutherford/Elastic Backscattering and Grazing Incidence X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy [1]
      Arhuska konvencija kao putokaz za zaštitu od jonizujućeg zračenja pomoću slobodnog pristupa informacijama [1]
      Assaying active ambient dosimeters at low background levels [1]
      Assessing the potential of solid dispersions to improve dissolution rate and bioavailability of valsartan: In vitro-in silico approach [1]
      Assessing the sustainability of Serbian school buildings by analyse and synthesis parameters under information deficiency method [1]
      Assessing the sustainability of Serbian school buildings by ASPID method [1]
      Assessment of Degradation of Sulfonylurea Herbicides in Water by Chlorine Dioxide [1]
      Assessment of dose rate to terrestrial biota in the area around coal fired power plant applying ERICA tool and RESRAD BIOTA code [1]
      Assessment of genoprotective effects of Gentiana lutea extracts prepared from plants grown in field and in vitro [1]
      Assessment of measurement uncertainty due to sampling [1]
      Assessment of radiation exposure to human and non-human biota due to natural radionuclides in terrestrial environment of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia [1]
      Assessment of radioactivity contribution and transfer characteristics of natural radionuclides in agroecosystem [1]
      Assessment of radioecological parameters for radioisotope 90-Sr in agroecosystem [1]
      Assessment of soil erosion rates in Southeastern Serbia using nuclear techniques [1]
      Association between miR-21/146a/155 level changes and acute genitourinary radiotoxicity in prostate cancer patients: A pilot study [1]
      Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe with Mass Spectrometry for Chlorpyrifos and Chlorpyrifos-Oxon Determination in Apples [1]