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      Prooxidant–antioxidant balance, advanced oxidation protein products and lipid peroxidation in Serbian patients with Parkinson's disease [1]
      Properties of different types of dry electrodes for wearable smart monitoring devices [1]
      Properties of humic acids from copper tailings 20 years after reclamation [1]
      Proposal and optimization of method for direct determination of the thoron progeny concentrations and thoron equilibrium [1]
      Proračun specifične apsorbovane frakcije u pojedinim organizma čovečjeg tela prilikom primene radiofarmaceutika Xe-133 [1]
      Prospect of Polysaccharide-Based Materials as Advanced Food Packaging [1]
      Prostorna distribucija prirodnih radionuklida merena u Srbiji upotrebom biomonitora [1]
      Prostorna i vertikalna distribucija Cs137 u zemljištu Srbije [1]
      Protective effect of Gentiana lutea root and leaf extracts against heterocyclic aromatic amines IQ and PhIP produced in thermally processed meat [1]
      Protective effects of whey on rat liver damage induced by chronic alcohol intake [1]
      Proteomic characterization of hippocampus of chronically socially isolated rats treated with fluoxetine: Depression-like behaviour and fluoxetine mechanism of action [1]
      Protic ionic liquids as adjuvants to enhance extraction and separation performance of diverse polarity compounds in PEG-salt based aqueous biphasic system [1]
      Proton Pump Inhibitors and Radiofrequency Ablation for Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus [1]
      Provera apsorbovanih doza u vodi u radioterapijskim ustanovama Srbije od 2017. do 2019. godine [1]
      Provera apsorbovanih doza u vodi u radioterapijskim ustanovama Srbije u 2016. godini [1]
      Pseudorapidity distributions of charged hadrons in xenon-xenon collisions at sNN=5.44 TeV [1]
      Pt/C catalyst impregnated with tungsten-oxide – Hydrogen oxidation reaction vs. CO tolerance [1]
      PTSD and depressive symptoms are linked to DHEAS via personality [1]
      Pu-239+240 and Pu-238 in soils of Montenegro - origin and activity concentrations [1]
      Pu-239+240 i Pu-238 u zemljištu Crne Gore - porijeklo i koncentracije aktivnosti [1]