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      Wake potential in graphene-insulator-graphene composite systems [1]
      Water-Tuned Tautomer-Selective Tandem Synthesis of the 5,6-Dihydropyrimidin-4(3 H )-ones, Driven under the Umbrella of Sustainable Chemistry [1]
      Wetting properties of titanium oxides, oxynitrides and nitrides obtained by DC and pulsed magnetron sputtering and cathodic arc evaporation [1]
      What is research data management? Why should you care? [1]
      Wild Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L., Ericaceae) from Montenegro as a Source of Antioxidants for Use in the Production of Nutraceuticals [1]
      Xenon-ion irradiation of Co/Si bilayers: Magnetic and structural properties [1]
      XPS measurements of air-exposed Cd(Zn)1xFexTe1ySey surfaces revisited [1]
      Y-90-labeled of phosphates-coated magnetic nanoparticles as a potential tumor treatment radiopharmaceuticals [1]
      Yield, quality and safety of yellow gentian roots produced under dry-farming conditions in various single basal fertilization and planting density models [1]
      Zaštita od zračenja u medicini: prvih 55 godina [1]
      Zeolite pretreatment accomplishes partial brain radioprotective role by reducing iron and oxidative / nitrosative stress in rats [1]
      Zn- and (Mn, Zn)-substituted versus unsubstituted magnetite nanoparticles: structural, magnetic and hyperthermic properties [1]
      Zn-doped cobalt ferrite: Tuning the interactions by chemical composition [1]
      Značaj promena broja kopija FGFR1 i c-MYC gena u trostruko negativnim karcinomima dojke [1]
      Znanje učenika srednjih škola o delovanju sunca: poređenje rezultata iz 2008, 2012. i 2016. godine [1]
      ZnO/ZnS (hetero)structures: ab initio investigations of polytypic behavior of mixed ZnO and ZnS compounds [1]
      Акциденти и мониторинг радиоактивности [1]
      Анализа активности Cs137 у гљивама са територије Србије од чернобиљског акцидента до данашњих дана [1]
      Архуска конвенција као путоказ за заштиту од јонизујућих зрачења помоћу слободног приступа информацијама [1]
      Гамаспектрометријска контрола хране за људе и животиње након акцидента у Чернобиљу [1]