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      Radiation effects on luminescent and structural properties of YPO4: Pr3+ nanophosphors [1]
      Radiation effects, photoluminescence and radioluminescence of Eu-doped (Y0.7Gd0.3)2O3 nanoparticles with various sizes [1]
      Radiation protection in medicine: first 55 years [1]
      Radiation risk [1]
      Radiation stability and thermal behaviour of modified UF resin using biorenewable raw material-furfuryl alcohol [1]
      Radiation Tolerance and Charge Trapping Enhancement of ALD HfO2/Al2O3 Nanolaminated Dielectrics [1]
      Radiation-Induced Lens Opacities among Interventional Cardiologists: Retrospective Assessment of Cumulative Eye Lens Doses [1]
      Radijacioni rizik [1]
      Radijum u vodi: detekcija voluminoznih uzoraka NaI detektorom oblika jame [1]
      Radio-resistant human malignant cells after irradiations with 1H and 12C ions of different LET [1]
      Radioactive waste and decontamination: Retrospective of papers presented on Symposiums of the Radiation protection society in the period 1963-2017 [1]
      Radioactive waste management in health care institutions [1]
      Radioactivity concentrations of Cs137 in the soil samples from Kragujevac city [1]
      Radioactivity in monocalcium phosphate and complete feed mixtures for pigs [1]
      Radioactivity in moss and lichen collected in 2015 from NP Djerdap [1]
      Radioactivity in the Environment in Vicinity of Power Plants in Serbia: Dose Assessment [1]
      Radioactivity level and concentration of metals in waters around power plants application of potential method for pollution assessment [1]
      Radioactivity of milk and dairy products in Serbia in the period 2015-2016 [1]
      Radioactivity of the atmosphere in the Institute of nuclear sciences "Vinča" in the period 1985-2015 [1]
      Radioaktivni otpad i dekontaminacija: Retrospektiva radova prezentovanih na Simpozijumima Društva za zaštitu od zračenja u periodu 1963.-2017. godine [1]