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      Qualitative overview of indoor radon surveys in Europe [1]
      Quality assurance and quality control in environmental radioactivity monitoring [1]
      Quality control in radiation processing in the Vinča Institute Radiation Plant: Case study [1]
      Quality control of gamma spectrometry method for determination of radionuclides activity concentration in soil and sediment samples [1]
      Quality control of panoramic X-ray units in Serbia: preliminary results [1]
      Quality Controls in Digital Mammography protocol of the EFOMP Mammo Working group [1]
      Quantification of radioisotopic pollution of soil from coal fired power plant surrounding [1]
      Quantitative EEG as a Diagnostic Tool in Patients with Head Injury and Posttraumatic Epilepsy [1]
      Quantum networks: topology and spectral characterization [1]
      Quantum Rainbows in Positron Transmission through Carbon Nanotubes [1]
      Radiation effects on luminescent and structural properties of YPO4: Pr3+ nanophosphors [1]
      Radiation effects, photoluminescence and radioluminescence of Eu-doped (Y0.7Gd0.3)2O3 nanoparticles with various sizes [1]
      Radiation protection in medicine: first 55 years [1]
      Radiation risk [1]
      Radiation stability and thermal behaviour of modified UF resin using biorenewable raw material-furfuryl alcohol [1]
      Radiation Tolerance and Charge Trapping Enhancement of ALD HfO2/Al2O3 Nanolaminated Dielectrics [1]
      Radiation-Induced Lens Opacities among Interventional Cardiologists: Retrospective Assessment of Cumulative Eye Lens Doses [1]
      Radijacioni rizik [1]
      Radijum u vodi: detekcija voluminoznih uzoraka NaI detektorom oblika jame [1]
      Radio-resistant human malignant cells after irradiations with 1H and 12C ions of different LET [1]