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      Damage behavior of orthopedic titanium alloys with martensitic microstructure during sliding wear in physiological solution [1]
      Deciphering Imidazoline Off‐targets by Fishing in the Class A of GPCR field [1]
      Deep Learning Approach for Highly Specific Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter Detection based on RR Intervals [1]
      Deep learning-based classification of high intensity light patterns in photorefractive crystals [1]
      Deep Neural Network Application in the Phase-Match Calibration of Gas–Microphone Photoacoustics [1]
      Defluorination of perfluoroalkyl acids is followed by production of monofluorinated fatty acids [1]
      Degradation Products, Mineralization, and Toxicity Assessment of Pesticides Malathion and Fenitrothion [1]
      Dehydration of rhyolite: activation energy, water speciation and morphological investigation [1]
      Demodulated standing solitary wave and DNA-RNA transcription [1]
      Densification behavior of 316L-NiB stainless steel powder and surface morphology during selective laser melting process using pulsed Nd:YAG laser [1]
      Dependence of mechanical and electrical properties of silver nanocubes impregnated bacterial cellulose-silk fibroin-polyvinyl alcohol films on light exposure [1]
      Dependence of the Two-Photon Absorption Coefficient of Steel on the Pulse Duration During Its Ablation by Femto- and Picosecond Laser Pulses [1]
      Depth distribution of Cs137 in cultivated soil [1]
      DES-ROD: Exploring Literature to Develop New Links between RNA Oxidation and Human Diseases [1]
      Design of secondary standard Hp(3) ionisation chamber using Monte Carlo simulations [1]
      Detection of Adulterated Honey by Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices [1]
      Detection of Cu2+ ions in aqueous solution via emission quenching of colloidal EuPO4 ultrasmall nanoparticles [1]
      Detection of Dimethoate Pesticide using Layer by Layer Deposition of PDAC/GO on Ag electrode [1]
      Determination of coincidence summing correction factors for 22na point source [1]
      Determination of coincidence summing correction factors for Y88 point source [1]