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      Tailoring IONP shape and designing nanocomposite IONS@GN toward modification of SPCE to enhance electrochemical degradation of organic dye [1]
      Tailoring the electrochemical charge storage properties of carbonaceous support by redox properties of heteropoly acids: where does the synergy come from? [1]
      Tailoring the physico-chemical and antimicrobial properties of agar-based films by in situ formation of Cu-mineral phase [1]
      Tailoring the structural and magnetic properties of Ni zigzag nanostructures using different deposition angles [1]
      Technetium removal from the aqueous solution using zeolites A and Y containing transition metal ions Co2+ and Zn2+ [1]
      Temperature and concentration dependent Judd-Ofelt analysis of Y2O3:Eu3+ and YVO4:Eu3+ [1]
      Temperature correction factor simulation over the heating period [1]
      Tetravalent Metal Ion Guests in Polyoxopalladate Chemistry: Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of [MO 8 Pd 12 (PO 4 ) 8 ] 12– (M = Sn IV , Pb IV ) [1]
      The activity concentrations 40-K, 137-Cs, 210-Pb and effective dose of ingestion of the radionuclides in selected medicinal herbs from the region of Majdanpek [1]
      The Allele 2 of the VNTR Polymorphism in the Gene That Encodes a Natural Inhibitor of IL-1β, IL-1RA Is Favorably Associated With Chronic Otitis Media [1]
      The analysis of 2,3-dicarboxypropane-1,1-diphosphonic acid-coated magnetite nanoparticles under an external magnetic field and their radiolabeling for possible theranostic applications [1]
      The application of the finite element method to the multigroup two-dimensional neutron diffusion equation on the KONEL code [1]
      The Applications of New Inorganic Polymer for Adsorption Cadmium from Waste Water [1]
      The assessment of spontaneous ignition potential of coals using TGA–DTG technique [1]
      The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens [1]
      The CMS Particle Flow Algorithm [1]
      The combustion performances and thermo-oxidative degradation kinetics of plane tree seeds (PTS) (Platanus orientalis L.) [1]
      The corrosion resistance in artificial saliva of titanium and Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy processed by high pressure torsion [1]
      The distribution of the mass concentrations of potassium, thorium and uranium in soils from the territories of the cities of Serbia [1]
      The doping level of boron-doped diamond electrodes affects the voltammetric sensing of uric acid [1]