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dc.creatorČevizović, Dalibor
dc.creatorIvić, Zoran
dc.creatorGalović, Slobodanka
dc.creatorChizhov, Alexei V.
dc.creatorReshetnyak, Alexander A.
dc.identifier.issn0094-243X (print)
dc.description.abstractWe study the hopping mechanism of the vibron excitation transport in the simple 1D model of biological macromolecular chains. We supposed that the vibron interaction with thermal oscillations of the macromolecular structural elements will result in vibron self-trapping, and the formation of the partial dressed vibron state. With use of the modified Holstein polaron model, we calculate vibron diffusivity in dependence of the basic system parameters and temperature. We obtain that the vibron diffusivity smoothly decreases in non adiabatic limit when the strength of the vibron-phonon coupling grows. However this dependence becomes by discontinuous one in case of growth of the adiabaticity of the system. The value of the critical point depends of the system temperature, and at room temperatures it belongs to the low or intermediate coupling regime. We discuss an application of these results to study of vibron transport to 3D bundles of such macromolecules chains considering it as polymer nanorods and to 2D polymer films organized from such macromolecules.en
dc.sourceAIP Conference Proceedingsen
dc.subjectvibron excitationen
dc.subjectvibron-phonon interactionen
dc.subjectnon adiabatic polaronen
dc.subjectmacromolecular chainsen
dc.titleVibron Transport in Macromolecular Chainsen
dcterms.abstractИвић Зоран; Ресхетнyак, Aлеxандер; Цхизхов, Aлеxеи; Цевизовић Далибор; Галовић Слободанка;
dc.description.otherInternational Conference on Physical Mesomechanics of Multilevel Systems 2014, Sep 03-05, 2014, Tomsk, Russiaen

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