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dc.creatorMilosavljević, Momir
dc.creatorObradović, Marko O.
dc.creatorGrce, Ana
dc.creatorPeruško, Davor
dc.creatorPjević, Dejan J.
dc.creatorKovač, Janez
dc.creatorDrazic, Goran
dc.creatorJeynes, Chris
dc.identifier.issn0040-6090 (print)
dc.description.abstractThe effects of high dose Ar ion irradiation on immiscible AlN/TiN multilayered structures were studied. The structures with 30 alternate layers of a total thickness of similar to 260 nm were deposited by reactive sputtering on (100) Si wafers. Individual layer thickness was similar to 8 nm AlN and similar to 9.3 nm TiN. Irradiation was done with 180 keV Ar+ ions to 1x10(16)-8x10(16) ions/cm(2), with the projected range around mid-depth of the structures. It was found that the highest applied dose induced a considerable intermixing, where the growing TiN grains consume the adjacent AlN layers, transforming partly to (TiAl)N phase. Intermixing occurs due to a high contribution of collision cascades, which was not compensated in demixing by chemical driving forces. However, a multilayered structure with relatively flat surface and interfaces is still preserved, with measured nano-hardness value above the level for the as-deposited sample. The results are compared to other systems and discussed in the light of the existing ion beam mixing models. They can be interesting towards better understanding of the processes involved and to development of radiation tolerant coatings. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.en
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/171023/RS//
dc.relationSlovenian Research Agency [P2-0082], IAEA, Vienna
dc.sourceThin Solid Filmsen
dc.subjectAlN/TiN multilayersen
dc.subjectIon irradiationen
dc.subjectRadiation toleranceen
dc.subjectIon beamen
dc.titleHigh dose ion irradiation effects on immiscible AlN/TiN nano-scaled multilayersen
dcterms.abstractКовац, Јанез; Јеyнес, Цхрис; Обрадовић Марко; Дразиц, Горан; Пјевић Дејан; Перушко Давор; Милосављевић Момир; Грце Aна;
dc.description.otherInternational Conference on Technological Advances of Thin Films and Surface Coatings, Jul 15-17, 2012, Singapore, Singaporeen

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