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dc.creatorKuburovic, Natasa D.
dc.creatorGolubović, Aleksandar V.
dc.creatorTodorović, Žaklina
dc.creatorGašić, Slavica M.
dc.creatorSolevic, Tatjana
dc.identifier.issn1792-4308 (print)
dc.description.abstractThe subject of this research was utilization of concentrated solar radiation simulated with a sodium lamp SONT UV100, in lab condition, on removal of wastewater polluted by methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE). The effects of titanium dioxide catalyst (commercial: Degussa P-25 (R) and 100% anatase, as well as sol-gel obtained titanium) on degradation of MTBE have been investigated. The processes were performed in slurry-catalyst batch circulating reactor. The photocatalytic degradation with different concentrations of TiO2 Degussa P-250 (R) catalyst: 2.5 g/L, 1 g/L and 0.50 g/L was studied. Our results showed that the MTBE degradation reached 50.80% in only 60 minutes, when 2.5 g/L of that catalyst was used. Also, the concentrated irradiation in combination with TiO2 (100% anatase) and FeCl3 caused high total degradation degree of 58.22%, for only 30 minutes. We synthesized titanium-dioxide, nanopowders doped with LaCl3 center dot 7H(2)O and FeCl3 center dot 6H(2)O, by sol-gel procedure. The highest degradation rate showed La-TiO2, for only 30 minutes and 48.60% of total degradation.en
dc.relationAC FP6 programme [OPSA-026283], SASA project [F-134]
dc.subjectPhoto catalysisen
dc.subjecttitanium dioxideen
dc.subjectsol-gel proceduresen
dc.subjectdoped catalysten
dc.titlePhotocatalytic degradation of wastewater polluted by methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether using titanium-dioxide and doped titanium-dioxideen
dcterms.abstractГолубовиц, Aлександар; Гасиц, Славица; Солевиц, Татјана; Кубуровиц, Натаса Д.; Тодоровић Ж;
dc.description.otherMathematics and Computers in Science and Engineering, 4th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Water Resources, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Feb 24-26, 2009, Cambridge, Englanden

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