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dc.creatorMilinović, Velimir
dc.creatorZhang, Kun
dc.creatorBibić, Nataša M.
dc.creatorLeib, K. P.
dc.creatorMilosavljević, Momir
dc.creatorSahoo, P. K.
dc.identifier.issn0094-243X (print)
dc.description.abstractIon beam irradiation of a-Si/Fe/c-Si trilayers with 350-MeV Au ions and of Fe/a-Si bilayers with 250-keV Xe ions were carried out in order to measure the interface mixing rates and microstructure, phase formation, and magnetic polarization in the regimes of electronic and nuclear stopping. For Fe/a-Si and nuclear stopping, an enhancement of the interface mixing rate of 1.75 +/- 0.15 was observed relative to Fe/c-Si. For electronic stopping, the enhancement is 3.21 +/- 0.34. A plausible explanation of this enhancement lies in the much smaller thermal conductivity in a-Si relative to c-Si, which prolongates the relaxation phase of the ion-induced thermal spikes.en
dc.relationDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia [1960]
dc.sourceAIP Conference Proceedingsen
dc.subjection beam mixingen
dc.subjectswift heavy ionsen
dc.titleIon beam mixing at crystalline and amorphous Fe/Si interfacesen
dcterms.abstractЛеиб, К. П.; Милиновиц, В.; Зханг, К.; Бибиц, Н.; Милосављевић Момир; Сахоо, П. К.;
dc.description.other23rd Summer School and International Symposium on Physics of Ionized Gases, Aug 28-Sep 01, 2006, Natl Park Kopaonik, Serbiaen

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