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dc.creatorPanic, V. V.
dc.creatorDekanski, Aleksandar B.
dc.creatorMilonjić, Slobodan K.
dc.creatorMiskovic-Stankovic, V. B.
dc.creatorNikolić, Branislav Ž.
dc.identifier.issn1023-1935 (print)
dc.description.abstractElectrocatalytic properties of RuO2/Ti anode with different coating masses, which are prepared by the alkoxide sol-gel procedure, are investigated in chlorine and oxygen evolution reactions by polarization measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in H2SO4 and NaCl electrolytes. According to polarization measurements, the activity of anodes at overpotentials below 100 mV is independent of coating mass. However, impedance measurements above 100 mV reveal changes in the activity of anodes in chlorine evolution reaction for different coating masses. The diffusion limitations related to the evolved chlorine are registered in low-frequency domain at 1.10 V (SCE), diminishing with the increase in potential to the 1.15 V (SCE). The observed impedance behavior is discussed with respect to the activity model for activated titanium anodes in chlorine evolution reaction involving formation of gas channels within porous coating structure. Gas channels enhance the mass transfer rate similarly to the forced convection, which also increases the activity of anode. This is more pronounced for the anode of greater coating mass due to its more compact surface structure. The more compact structure appears to be beneficial for gas channels formation.en
dc.sourceRussian Journal of Electrochemistryen
dc.subjectRuO2/Ti anodeen
dc.subjectchlorine evolutionen
dc.subjectoxygen evolutionen
dc.subjectsol-gel methoden
dc.titleElectrocatalytic activity of sol-gel-prepared RuO2/Ti anode in chlorine and oxygen evolution reactionsen
dcterms.abstractМилоњић Слободан; Николиц, Б. З.; Паниц, В. В.; Декански, A. Б.; Мисковиц-Станковиц, В. Б.;
dc.description.other8th International Frumkin Symposium on Kinetics of Electrode Processes, Oct 18-22, 2005, Moscow, Russiaen

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