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dc.creatorNinković, Marko M.
dc.identifier.issn1451-2025 (print)
dc.description.abstractHarmful effects of radiation and call for protection against it have been recognized immediately upon discovery of X-rays and radioactivity. As a profession radiation protection was founded with construction of the first nuclear reactor in the world. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombard by atomic bombs, with catastrophic consequences for its population, it was concluded that accelerated development of the radiation protection methods and techniques have to be done. Construction of the numerous, research and power nuclear reactors during second half of the last century as well as the first accidents on them, especially Chernobyl, stated very rigorous radiation protection demands in front of the researcher in this field. Development of radiation protection in our country are closely connected with construction of the research reactors in Vinca. In the Apil of the 1959, a few months after Vinca accident, new separate laboratory named Radiologica Protection, for dealing with routing and research radiation protection problems solely, was organized. After that some other similar institution have been organized in our country, also. The results of the investigation of these institution have been directly applied in radiation protection of the people working with radiation beams and sources in medicine, industry, mining, science and education.en
dc.titleIonizing radiation protectionen
dcterms.abstractНинковиц, ММ;
dc.description.otherSerbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geo-Sciences, Conference on Applied Physics in Serbia, May 27-29, 2002, Belgrade, Yugoslaviaen

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