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dc.creatorHadžievski, Ljupčo
dc.creatorJovanovic, MS
dc.creatorŠkorić, Miloš M.
dc.creatorMima, K
dc.identifier.issn0094-243X (print)
dc.description.abstractWe discuss existence and stability of electromagnetic solitons in a relativistic interaction of a linearly polarized laser light with uniform underdense cold plasma. In a weakly relativistic NLS model with local and non-local cubic nonlinearities, an one-dimensional standing electromagnetic soliton trapped in a localized density well, is analytically shown to be stable. By fully relativistic fluid-Maxwell simulations existence of a family of large amplitude relativistic solitons is revealed. Simple analytical estimates give the relation between the maximum amplitude of the soliton vector potential and its eigen-frequency, in agreement with simulation data.en
dc.sourceAIP Conference Proceedingsen
dc.titleRelativistic solitons in laser-plasma interactionen
dcterms.abstractМима, К; Јовановиц, МС; Скориц, ММ; Хаджиевски Љупчо;
dc.description.other2nd International Conference on Superstrong Fields in Plasmas, Aug 27-Sep 01, 2001, Varenna, Italyen

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