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dc.creatorNiikura, M.
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dc.creatorThomas, J. C.
dc.creatorUjić, Predrag
dc.identifier.issn2469-9985 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2469-9993 (electronic)
dc.description.abstractWe report here the first direct lifetime measurement of the 2(1)(+) state in Zn-72,Zn-74. The neutron-rich beam was produced by in-flight fragmentation of Ge-76 at the Grand Accelerateur National dIons Lourds and separated with the LISE spectrometer. The 2(1)(+) state was excited by inelastic scattering and knock-out reaction on a CD2 target and its lifetime was measured by the recoil-distance Doppler-shift method with the Koln plunger device combined with the EXOGAM detectors. The lifetimes of the 2(1)(+) states in Zn-72,Zn-74 were determined to be 17.9(18) and 27.0(24) ps, which correspond to reduced transition probabilities B(E2; 2(1)(+)- GT 0(+)) = 385(39) and 370(33) e(2) fm(4), respectively. These values support the idea of a systematic maximum of collectivity at N = 42 for Zn, Ge, and Se nuclei. In addition, the available systematics in the neighboring nuclei point toward a transition from a spherical oscillator at N = 40 to complete gamma-softness at N = 42.en
dc.relationGerman BMBF [06 DA 9040 I-1], Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education [NN202 309135, NN202 109936], Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) [100835]
dc.sourcePhysical Review Cen
dc.titleFirst direct lifetime measurement of the 2(1)(+) state in Zn-72,Zn-74: New evidence for a shape transition between N=40 and N=42 close to Z=28en
dcterms.abstractРотару, Ф.; Тхомас, Ј. Ц.; Стодел, Ц.; Сцарпаци, Ј. A.; Ротхер, W.; Писсулла, Тх.; Перрот, Л.; Пантелица, Д.; Негоита, Ф.; Мyалски, С.; Моеллер, О.; Михаи, Ц.; Мај, A.; Кмиецик, М.; Камалоу, О.; Ибрахим, Ф.; Харакех, М. Н.; Хацкстеин, М.; Гревy, С.; Гаудефроy, Л.; Фриесснер, Г.; Франсен, Ц.; Фиори, Е.; Домбради, З.; Дијон, A.; Деwалд, A.; Сантос, Ф. де Оливеира; де Франце, Г.; де Aнгелис, Г.; Цоqуард, Л.; Цлемент, Е.; Цацерес, Л.; Бута, A.; Бургундер, Г.; Бургер, A.; Борцеа, Ц.; Беднарцзyк, П.; Aзаиез, Ф.; Стефан, И.; Матеа, И.; Францхоо, С.; Моугинот, Б.; Ниикура, М.; Вернеy, Д.; Aссие, М.; Георгиев, Г.; Лозева, Р.; Ујић Предраг;
dc.citation.otherArticle Number: 054321

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