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      Wiring of glucose oxidase with graphene nanoribbons: an electrochemical third generation glucose biosensor [1]
      WO3/TiO2 composite coatings: Structural, optical and photocatalytic properties [1]
      Women, men, and rheumatoid arthritis: analyses of disease activity, disease characteristics, and treatments in the QUEST-RA Study [1]
      Working in a difficult regime [1]
      X-band microwave permittivity measurements on lithium and cesium salts of 12-tunstophosphoric acid [1]
      X-linked angiotensin II type 2 receptor gene polymorphism-1332A/G in male patients with essential hypertension [1]
      X-ray absorption near edge structure studies of Pb1-xMnxTe(In, Ga) systems [1]
      X-ray diffraction study of Cu-25[AsSe1.4I0.2](75) amorphous semiconductor [1]
      X-ray photoelectron study of calcium cerium titanate ceramics [1]
      X-ray photoelectron study of the interaction of the uranyl group UO22+ with hydroxylapatite and fluoroapatite in aqueous solutions [1]
      X-ray powder diffraction line broadening analysis and magnetism of interacting ferrite nanoparticles obtained from acetylacetonato complexes [1]
      XAFS and XPS analysis of Zn0.98Fe0.02Te0.91Se0.09 semiconductor [1]
      XAFS studies of nickel-doped lead telluride [1]
      XAFS studies of ytterbium doped lead-telluride [1]
      Xenon implantation effects on the structural and optical properties of reactively sputtered titanium nitride thin films [1]
      Xenon-ion irradiation of Co/Si bilayers: Effects of interface structure and ion energy [1]
      Xenon-ion-induced and thermal mixing of Co/Si bilayers and their interplay [1]
      XRD analysis of calcium phosphate and biocomposite calcium phosphate/bioresorbable polymer [1]
      Y-chromosomal diversity in Europe is clinal and influenced primarily by geography, rather than by language [1]
      Y2O3:Yb,Tm and Y2O3:Yb,Ho powders for low-temperature thermometry based on up-conversion fluorescence [1]