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      Vertical Distribution of Cs-137 in Cultivated and Undisturbed Areas [1]
      Vertical distribution of natural radionuclides in soil: Assessment of external exposure of population in cultivated and undisturbed areas [1]
      Vertical distribution of Ra-226 and radiological hazards indices of soil samples [1]
      Very strong metal ligand aromatic cation-pi interactions in transition metal complexes: intermolecular interaction in tetraphenylborate salts [1]
      Viability of a human melanoma cell after single and combined treatment with fotemustine, dacarbazine, and proton irradiation [1]
      Vibrational analysis of the beta system of (BO)-B-10-O-18 [1]
      Vibrational and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of beta-MnO2 and alpha-KxMnO(2) nanorods [1]
      Vibrational structure of the B-X system of isotopic AgO molecules [1]
      Vibron properties in quasi 1D molecular structures: the case of two parallel unshifted macromolecuar chains [1]
      Vibron Self-trapped States in Biological Macromolecules: Comparison of Different Theoretical Approaches [1]
      Vibron Transport in Macromolecular Chains [1]
      Viscoelastic behavior of semicrystalline polymers at elevated temperatures on the basis of a two-process model for stress relaxation [1]
      Viscoelastic properties and antimicrobial activity of cellulose fiber sheets impregnated with Ag nanoparticles [1]
      Viscoelastic properties of poly(e-caprolactone)/clay nanocomposites in solid and in melt state [1]
      Viscoelastic properties of polyethylene at elevated temperatures on the basis of two-process model for stress relaxation [1]
      Visible light absorption of surface modified TiO2 powders with bidentate benzene derivatives [1]
      Visible-light active mesoporous, nanocrystalline N,S-doped and co-doped titania photocatalysts synthesized by non-hydrolytic sol-gel route [1]
      Vitamin B12 reduces ribavirin-induced genotoxicity in phytohemaglutinin-stimulated human lymphocytes [1]
      Vitamin D and Dysfunctional Adipose Tissue in Obesity [1]
      Vitamin D and Dysfunctional Adipose Tissue in Obesity (Authors Reply) [1]