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      Vanillic aldehydes for the one-pot synthesis of novel 2-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidines [1]
      Variability of Factors That Affect Availability of Iron, Manganese and Zinc in Maize Lines [1]
      Variance of indoor radon concentration: Major influencing factors [1]
      Variant translocations and the forms of BCR/abl rearrangements in chronic myeloid leukemia [1]
      Variation of indoor radon concentration and ambient dose equivalent rate in different outdoor and indoor environments [1]
      Variations of Pm10 Mass Concentrations and Correlations with Other Pollutants in Belgrade Urban Area [1]
      Vasoactive intestinal peptide 10-28 enhances natural killer cell cytotoxicity [1]
      Velocity and texture of a plasma jet created in a plasma torch with fixed minimal arc length [1]
      Versatile insertion capability of Na1.2V3O8 nanobelts in aqueous electrolyte solutions [1]
      Vertical Distribution of Cs-137 in Cultivated and Undisturbed Areas [1]
      Vertical distribution of natural radionuclides in soil: Assessment of external exposure of population in cultivated and undisturbed areas [1]
      Vertical distribution of Ra-226 and radiological hazards indices of soil samples [1]
      Very strong metal ligand aromatic cation-pi interactions in transition metal complexes: intermolecular interaction in tetraphenylborate salts [1]
      Viability of a human melanoma cell after single and combined treatment with fotemustine, dacarbazine, and proton irradiation [1]
      Vibrational analysis of the beta system of (BO)-B-10-O-18 [1]
      Vibrational and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of beta-MnO2 and alpha-KxMnO(2) nanorods [1]
      Vibrational structure of the B-X system of isotopic AgO molecules [1]
      Vibron properties in quasi 1D molecular structures: the case of two parallel unshifted macromolecuar chains [1]
      Vibron Self-trapped States in Biological Macromolecules: Comparison of Different Theoretical Approaches [1]
      Vibron Transport in Macromolecular Chains [1]