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      User-friendly Monte Carlo program for the generation of gamma-ray spectral responses in complex source-detector arrangements [1]
      Using carbon nanotubes to induce micronuclei and double strand breaks of the DNA in human cells [1]
      Using Cs-137 measurements to estimate soil erosion rates in the Pcinja and South Morava River Basins, southeastern Serbia [1]
      Using proton beams as a diagnostic tool in carbon nanotubes [1]
      Using yeast to study glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation [1]
      Utilization of bentonite and zeolite in cementation of dry radioactive evaporator concentrate [1]
      Utilization of waste ceramics and roof tiles for radionuclide sorption [1]
      UV derivative spectrophotometric study of the photochemical degradation of nisoldipine [1]
      UV-curable hyperbranched urethane acrylate oligomers containing soybean fatty acids [1]
      V-79 Chinese Hamster cells irradiated with antiprotons, a study of peripheral damage due to medium and long range components of the annihilation radiation [1]
      Vaaisible upconversion emission of Er3+-doped and Er3+/Yb3+-codoped LiInO2 [1]
      Valence state dependent room-temperature ferromagnetism in Fe-doped ceria nanocrystals [1]
      Validation and uncertainty estimation of UPLC-PDA method for the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in concrete [1]
      Validation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Turbulence Model By On-Site Measurements [1]
      Validation of Minor Actinides Fission Neutron Cross-Sections [1]
      Validation of Radiochemical Method for the Determination of Sr-90 in Environmental Samples [1]
      Values of the derivatives of the cotangent at rational multiples of pi [1]
      Values of the polygamma functions at rational arguments [1]
      Vanadium of petroleum asphaltenes and source kerogens (La Luna Formation, Venezuela): isotopic study and origin [1]
      Vanadyl porphyrins in sedimentary kerogens/asphaltenes: Estimation of the concentration [1]