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      Patient dose measurements in diagnostic radiology procedures in Montenegro [1]
      Patient doses for barium meal examination in Serbia and Montenegro and potentials for dose reduction through changes in equipment settings [1]
      Patient Doses in Computed Tomography: An Assessment of Local Diagnostic Reference Levels in a Large Teaching Hospital [1]
      Patient Doses in Ct Examinations in 18 Countries: Initial Results from International Atomic Energy Agency Projects [1]
      Patient doses in radiographic examinations in 12 countries in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe: Initial results from IAEA projects [1]
      Patient dosimetry in diagnostic radiology and dose measurement I practice - A pilot survey [1]
      Pattern formation by spatially incoherent light in a nonlinear ring cavity [1]
      Pb-207(n,2n gamma)Pb-206 cross-section measurements by in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy [1]
      Pb-210 in ground-level air in Belgrade city area [1]
      PCSK9 Inhibition - A Novel Mechanism to Treat Lipid Disorders? [1]
      Pd-Ag hydrogen content and electrical resistivity: Temperature and pressure effect [1]
      Pd-Ag hydrogen diffusion cathode for alkaline water electrolysers [1]
      Pectin-polyvinylpyrrolidone films: A sustainable approach to the development of biobased packaging materials [1]
      Pedological characteristics of open-pit Cu wastes and post-flotation tailings (Bor, Serbia) [1]
      Pentagonal bipyramidal complexes of Co(II) with singly- and doubly-deprotonated 2 ,2 -(2,6-pyridindiyldiethylidene)dioxamohydrazide - The crystal structure of [diaqua-2 ,2 -(2,6-pyridindiyldiethylidene)dioxamohydrazidecobalt(II)] hexahydrate [2]
      Pentanucleotide TTTTA and G/A-914 DNA polymorphisms in apolipoprotein(a) promoter: Genotyping by single-tube PCR [1]
      Perfluorinated compounds in sediment samples from the wastewater canal of Pancevo (Serbia) industrial area [1]
      Perforated plate convective heat transfer analysis [1]
      Performance and operation of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter [1]
      Performance comparison of modified poly(vinyl alcohol) based membranes in alkaline fuel cells [1]