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      Optimization of the Synthesis of N-Alkyl and N,N-Dialkyl Thioureas from Waste Water Containing Ammonium Thiocyanate [1]
      Optimization of tribological properties of aluminum hybrid composites using Taguchi design [1]
      Orbital non-Fermi-liquid behavior in cubic ruthenates [1]
      Ordinary waves in relativistic plasmas [1]
      Ordinary waves in relativistic plasmas - arbitrary wave propagation angle [1]
      Organic Synthesis with Different OA/EHA Ratios of Sb2S3 Nanowires of Flower-Like Organization and [010] Orientation [1]
      Organophosphorus Insecticides: Toxic Effects and Bioanalytical Tests for Evaluating Toxicity During Degradation Processes [1]
      Origin of charge-orbital order in the half-doped manganites [1]
      Origin of Hyperbolicity in Brain-to-Brain Coordination Networks [1]
      Origin of ringlike angular distributions observed in rainbow channeling in ultrathin crystals [1]
      Origin of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Carrier Density at the LaAlO3 on SrTiO3 Interface [1]
      Oscillation of the magnetic moment at metallic interfaces [1]
      Osteocalcin response to immobilization: Possible involvement of parathyroid hormone [1]
      Ouzo effect-New simple nanoemulsion method for synthesis of strontium hydroxyapatite nanospheres [1]
      Overshoot free current-volt block [1]
      Overview of Radiation Effects on Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technologies [1]
      Oxidation and erosion behaviour of SiC-HfC multilayered composite [1]
      Oxidation controlled phase composition of FeCo(Zr) nanoparticles in CaF2 matrix [1]
      Oxidation of chlorpyrifos, azinphos-methyl and phorate by myeloperoxidase [1]
      Oxidation of diazinon and malathion by myeloperoxidase [1]