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      A consideration of the correct calculation of thermodynamic parameters of adsorption [1]
      A dielectric study of molecular relaxations in irradiated high density polyethylene [1]
      A dilogarithmic integral arising in quantum field theory [1]
      A direct derivation of the relativistic Lagrangian for a system of particles using DAlamberts principle [1]
      A facile route for hydroxyapatite densification with an increased heating rate [1]
      A first-principle study of the site preference of Cd impurity in Hf-Ag and Zr-Ag compounds [1]
      A fluorescent nanoprobe for single bacterium tracking: functionalization of silver nanoparticles with tryptophan to probe the nanoparticle accumulation with single cell resolution [1]
      A frequency stabilized waveguide CO2-laser for photoacoustic spectroscopy of gases [1]
      A general search for new phenomena at HERA [1]
      A generalization of the preset count moving average algorithm for digital rate meters [1]
      A Global Declaration on Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Agents across the Surgical Pathway [1]
      A high fat diet induces sex-specific differences in hepatic lipid metabolism and nitrite/nitrate in rats [1]
      A kinetic study of the mechanism of radiation induced agglomeration of ovalbumin in aqueous solution [1]
      A kinetic study of the thermal decomposition process of potassium metabisulfite: Estimation of distributed reactivity model [1]
      A Lagrangian for the Chiral (1/2,0) Circle Plus (0,1/2) Quartet Nucleon Resonances [1]
      A long-period fibre grating monitor of respiratory volumes for the use in non-invasive mechanical ventilation [1]
      A mathematical model of stress reaction: Individual differences in threshold and duration [1]
      A mathematical model of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical system and its stability analysis [1]
      A mean-count-rate meter with adaptive digital signal smoothing [1]
      A measurement of the ratio of the production cross sections for W and Z bosons in association with jets with the ATLAS detector [1]