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      Natural radioactivity of materials used in industry and construction in Serbia [1]
      Natural radioactivity of some spring and bottled mineral waters from several central Balkan sites, as a way of their characterization [1]
      Natural radionuclide uptake by mosses in eastern Serbia in 2008-2013 [1]
      Natural radionuclides content and radioactive series disequilibrium in drinking waters from Balkans region [1]
      Natural radionuclides in cigarette tobacco from Serbian market and effective dose estimate from smoke inhalation [1]
      Natural radionuclides in drinking waters in Serbia [1]
      Natural Radionuclides in Soil Profiles Surrounding the Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant in Serbia [1]
      Natural radionuclides in waste water discharged from coal-fired power plants in Serbia [1]
      Natural sorbents modified by divalent Cu2+- and Zn2+- ions and their corresponding antimicrobial activity [1]
      Naturally occurring V region connected antibodies inhibit anti-dsDNA antibody reactivity with dsDNA [1]
      Nature of magnetism in the HfCo2 Laves phase [1]
      Nature of the vibron self-trapped states in hydrogen-bonded macromolecular chains [1]
      Nb-doped TiO2 as a support of Pt and Pt-Ru anode catalyst for PEMFCs [1]
      Nb-TiO2 supported platinum nanocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline solutions [1]
      Nd : YAG laser interaction with titanium implant surfaces for medical applications [1]
      Near-threshold photoionization of the Xe 3d spin-orbit doublet: Relativistic, relaxation, and intershell interaction effects [1]
      Negative influence of Ag and TiO2 nanoparticles on biodegradation of cotton fabrics [1]
      Negative refraction in semiconductor metamaterials based on quantum cascade laser design for the mid-IR and THz spectral range [1]
      Negative response elements in keratin genes mediate transcriptional repression and the cross-talk among nuclear receptors [1]
      Neodymium-Based Stoichiometric Ultrasmall Nanoparticles for Multifunctional Deep-Tissue Photothermal Therapy [1]