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      Multiplicity and transverse momentum dependence of two- and four-particle correlations in pPb and PbPb collisions [1]
      Multiplicity dependence of jet-like two-particle correlation structures in p-Pb collisions at root s(NN)=5.02 TeV [1]
      Multiply charged ions from solid substances with the mVINIS Ion Source [1]
      Multiport waveguide couplers with periodic energy exchange [1]
      Multipulse nanosecond laser modification of steel surface [1]
      Multiscale characterization of antimicrobial poly(vinyl butyral)/titania nanofibrous composites [1]
      Multiscale study of the influence of cationic surfactants on amorphous calcium phosphate precipitation [1]
      Multisite luminescence of rare earth doped TiO2 anatase nanoparticles [1]
      Multistage process of deuterium and heavy oxygen enrichment by membrane distillation [1]
      Multivariate analyses of microelement contents in wheat cultivated in Serbia (2002) [1]
      Multivariate characterization of herbal drugs and rhizosphere soil samples according to their metallic content [1]
      Multivariate data visualization methods based on elemental analysis of wines by atomic absorption spectrometry [1]
      Multivariate statistical analysis of hydrochemical and radiological data of Serbian spa waters [1]
      Muon reconstruction efficiency and momentum resolution of the ATLAS experiment in proton-proton collisions at root s=7 TeV in 2010 [1]
      Mussels as a bio-indicator of the environmental quality of the coastal water of the Boka Kotorska Bay (Montenegro) [1]
      Mutant K-ras2 in serum [1]
      Mutant P53 Protein Expression and Antioxidant Status Deficiency in Breast Cancer [1]
      Mutational and clinico-pathological analysis of papillary thyroid carcinoma in Serbia [1]
      Myeloperoxidase Inhibitors as Potential Drugs [1]
      Myeloperoxidase-mediated oxidation of organophosphorus pesticides as a pre-step in their determination by AChE based bioanalytical methods [1]