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      Kernel-integration scatter model for the characterization of nuclear waste drums by gamma emission tomography [1]
      Kinetic analysis of nicotine desorption from silicon dioxide under non-isothermal conditions [1]
      Kinetic analysis of nonisothermal degradation of acrylonitrile-butadiene/ethylene-propylene-diene rubber blends reinforced with carbon black filler [1]
      Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of Creosote degradation process under isothermal experimental conditions [1]
      Kinetic characterization of ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases in brain nerve terminals during rat postnatal development [1]
      Kinetic characterization of MgB4O7 : Dy,Na thermoluminescent phosphor [1]
      Kinetic investigation of the immobilization of chromotropic acid derivatives onto anion exchange resin [1]
      Kinetic investigations of two processes for zinc recovery from zinc plant residue [1]
      Kinetic model of metallocarbohedrene formation in arc plasma generator [1]
      Kinetic model of metallofullerene formation in contact arc generator [1]
      Kinetic modeling of heavy metal sorption by vinyl pyridine based copolymer [1]
      Kinetic of non-isothermal dehydration of equilibrium swollen poly(acrylic acid-co-methacrylic acid) hydrogel [1]
      Kinetic parameters of some tissue equivalent thermoluminescence materials [1]
      Kinetic properties of multiquanta Davydov-like solitons in molecular chains [1]
      Kinetic study of isothermal crystallization process of Gd2Ti2O7 precursors powder prepared through the Pechini synthetic approach [1]
      Kinetic study of methanol oxidation on carbon-supported PtRu electrocatalyst [1]
      Kinetic Study of Sr2+Sorption by Bone Char [1]
      Kinetic study of the hydrogen oxidation reaction on sub-stoichiometric titanium oxide-supported platinum electrocatalyst in acid solution [1]
      Kinetics and mechanism of substitution reactions of the new bimetallic [{PdCl(bipy)}{mu-(NH2(CH2)(6)H2N)}{PtCl(biPY)}]Cl(ClO4) complex with important bio-molecules [1]
      Kinetics and mechanism of the substitution reactions of some monofunctional Pt(II) complexes with heterocyclic nitrogen donor molecules. Crystal structure of [Pt(bpma)(pzBr)]Cl-2 center dot 2H(2)O [1]