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      Dynamic polarization of graphene by external correlated charges [1]
      Dynamic polarization of graphene by moving external charges: Comparison with 2D electron gas [1]
      Dynamic polarization of graphene by moving external charges: Random phase approximation [1]
      Dynamic thermogravimetric degradation of gamma radiolytically synthesized Ag-PVA nanocomposites [1]
      Dynamic transitions in the Bray-Liebhafsky oscillating reaction. Effect of hydrogen peroxide and temperature on bifurcation [1]
      Dynamic-polarization forces on fast ions and molecules moving over supported graphene [1]
      Dynamical mechanical analysis of photocrosslinked hyperbranched urethane acrylates [1]
      Dynamical mode locking in commensurate structures with an asymmetric deformable substrate potential [1]
      Dynamical simulation of PV/Wind hybrid energy conversion system [1]
      Dynamical symmetry breaking and the Nambu-Goldstone theorem in the Gaussian wave functional approximation [1]
      Dynamical time versus system time in quantum mechanics [1]
      Dynamics of bright discrete staggered solitons in photovoltaic photorefractive media [1]
      Dynamics of dark breathers in lattices with saturable nonlinearity [1]
      Dynamics of dark solitons localized at structural defect in one-dimensional photonic lattices with defocusing saturable nonlinearity [1]
      Dynamics of electromagnetic solitons in a relativistic plasma [1]
      Dynamics of gap solitons in one-dimensional binary lattices with saturable self-defocusing nonlinearity and alternating spacing [1]
      Dynamics of isolated-photon plus jet production in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV with the ATLAS detector [1]
      Dynamics of soil chemistry in different serpentine habitats of Serbia [1]
      Dynamics of the Rydberg state population of slow highly charged ions impinging a solid surface at arbitrary collision geometry [1]
      Dynamics of the Water Molecules at the Intrinsic Liquid Surface As Seen from Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Identification of Truly Interfacial Molecules Analysis [1]