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      Tailor made synthesis of Q-TiO2 powder by using quantum dots as building blocks [1]
      Tailoring of magnetite powder properties for enhanced phosphate removal: Effect of PEG addition in the synthesis process [1]
      Tailoring of morphology and orientation of LaNiO3 films from polymeric precursors [1]
      Tailoring the morphology and electrocatalytic properties of electrochemically formed Ag/TiO2 composite deposits on titanium surfaces [1]
      Tailoring the structural and optical properties of TiN thin films by Ag ion implantation [1]
      Tamm oscillations in semi-infinite nonlinear waveguide arrays [1]
      Tamoxifen stimulates calcitonin-producing thyroid C-cells and prevents trabecular bone loss in a rat model of androgen deficiency [1]
      Targeted alpha therapy in vivo: direct evidence for single cancer cell kill using Tb-149-rituximab [1]
      Targeting the alpha 1 subunit of the sodium pump to combat glioblastoma cells [1]
      Tc-99(m)-p-aminohippuric acid as a new renal agent [1]
      Tc-99m PAH Renography: Clinical Studies [1]
      TDPAC and XRPD measurements of the polycrystalline Hf2Ni phase [1]
      TEA CO2 laser surface modification of titanium ceramic thin films [1]
      TEA CO2 laser-induced damage of low-thickness TiN coatings [1]
      Teaching in Biological Sciences At Primary Schools in Serbia - An Application of the Hands on Method [1]
      Teaching science in primary school: Serbian experience with project Ruka u testu(Hands-on,La main a la pate) [1]
      Technetium-99m in Production and Use [1]
      Technetium-99m labeling of hippuric and p-amino-hippuric acid in the presence of DTPA: Biological and pharmacokinetic evaluation and comparison with Tc-99m-DTPA [1]
      Technetium-99m production: Available options and future prospects [2]
      Technical Analysis of Photovoltaic/Wind Systems with Hydrogen Storage [1]