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      B-Spline Entire-Domain Higher Order Finite Elements for 3-D Electromagnetic Modeling [1]
      Backscattering of Fast Electrons from Solids Within a Multiple Collision Model [1]
      Backscattering/transmission of 2 MeV He++ ions quantitative correlation study [1]
      Bactericidal Efficiency of Silver Nanoparticles Deposited onto Radio Frequency Plasma Pretreated Polyester Fabrics [1]
      Band picture of the spin-Peierls cuprate CuGeO3 [1]
      Bandgap opening in graphene induced by patterned hydrogen adsorption [1]
      Barium Sulfide under Pressure: Discovery of Metastable Polymorphs and Investigation of Electronic Properties on ab Initio Level [1]
      Baryon fields with UL(3) X UR(3) chiral symmetry: Axial currents of nucleons and hyperons [1]
      Basal and glucocorticoid induced changes of hepatic glucocorticoid receptor during aging: relation to activities of tyrosine aminotransferase and tryptophan oxygenase [1]
      Baseline micronuclei in fetal lymphocytes-a higher frequency in females relative to males [1]
      Bax and B-Cell-Lymphoma 2 Mediate Proapoptotic Signaling Following Chronic Isolation Stress in Rat Brain [1]
      Be-7 in atmospheric deposition: determination of seasonal indices [1]
      Be-7 to Pb-210 concentration ratio in ground level air in Belgrade area [1]
      Beam interactions in one-dimensional saturable waveguide arrays [1]
      Beam orbit simulation in the central region of the RIKEN AVF cyclotron [1]
      Beam test evaluation of electromagnetic calorimeter modules made from proton-damaged PbWO4 crystals [1]
      Beauty production in pp collisions at root s=2.76 TeV measured via semi-electronic decays [1]
      Behavior of long-lived radionuclides in the Danube river ecosystem in Serbia [1]
      Behavior of silicon carbide/cordierite composite material after cyclic thermal shock [1]
      Behaviour of Ag-110m and Ru-103,Ru-106 in the environment after the Chernobyl accident [1]