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      Qantitative Approach In Dynamic Parathyroid Scintigraphy And FCH PET For Evaluation Of Parathyroid Vs. Thyroid Anomalies [1]
      Quality assurance and quality control in environmental radioactivity monitoring [1]
      Quality assurance in diagnostic radiology with x-rays [1]
      Quantification of the lift height for magnetic force microscopy using 3D surface parameters [1]
      Quantification of Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 Levels in Metastatic Axillary Lymph Node Tissue Extracts from Breast Cancer Patients A New Specimen Source [1]
      Quantifying complexity in the minority game [1]
      Quantifying self-organization in fusion plasmas [1]
      Quantifying self-organization with optimal wavelets [1]
      Quantifying shapes of nanoparticles using modified circularity and ellipticity measures [1]
      Quantitative assessment of war-related stressors and a level of distress: A pilot study [1]
      Quantum Cascade Laser Design for Tunable Output at Characteristic Wavelengths in the Mid-Infrared Spectral Range [1]
      Quantum coherence in a qubit chain induced by electromagnetic pulses [1]
      Quantum criticality in CaRuO3 - Influence of Ti substitution [1]
      Quantum decoherence and quantum-holographic information processes: From biomolecules to biosystems [1]
      Quantum Entanglement and Spin Control in Silicon Nanocrystal [1]
      Quantum Foundations of Resonant Recognition Model [1]
      Quantum mechanical rotations, information transfer and decoherence in the converter limit of parametric processes [1]
      Quantum phase for a system with an arbitrary discrete energy spectrum [1]
      Quantum phase for an arbitrary system with finite-dimensional Hilbert space [1]
      Quantum phase from the Glauber model of linear phase amplifiers [1]