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      EACVI/EHRA Expert Consensus Document on the role of multi-modality imaging for the evaluation of patients with atrial fibrillation [1]
      Early effects of gamma rays and protons on human melanoma cell viability and morphology [1]
      Early effects of ionizing radiation on rat brain NTPDase activity [1]
      EBS/C proton spectra from a virgin diamond crystal [1]
      Eco-Technological Process of Glass-Ceramic Production From Galvanic Sludge and Aluminium Slag [1]
      Economizer water-wall damages initiated by feedwater impurities [1]
      Ecto-ATPase and ecto-ATP-diphosphohydrolase are co-localized in rat hippocampal and caudate nucleus synaptic plasma membranes [1]
      Edaphic factors affecting the vertical distribution of radionuclides in the different soil types of Belgrade, Serbia [1]
      Edge state magnetism in zigzag-interfaced graphene via spin susceptibility measurements [1]
      Edible blend films of pectin and poly(ethylene glycol): Preparation and physico-chemical evaluation [1]
      Education for Sustainable Development - Resources for Physics and Sciences Teachers [1]
      EDXRF spectrometry determination of tungsten in tobacco plants after antiviral treatment with 12-tungstophosphoric acid and its compounds [1]
      EEG alpha phase shifts during transition from wakefulness to drowsiness [1]
      Effect of acid treatment on red mud properties with implications on Ni(II) sorption and stability [1]
      Effect of acute stress on NTPDase and 5 -nucleotidase activities in brain synaptosomes in different stages of development [1]
      Effect of adsorbed H atoms on magnetism in monoatomic Fe wires at Ir(100) [1]
      Effect of Age and Allele Variants of CYP3A5, CYP3A4, and POR Genes on the Pharmacokinetics of Cyclosporin A in Pediatric Renal Transplant Recipients From Serbia [1]
      Effect of ageing on the dielectric relaxation of oriented and gamma irradiated LDPE [1]
      Effect of Alloy Purity on Fracture Behavior of Overaged 7000 Alloy Plates [1]
      Effect of annealing conditions on structural and luminescencent properties of Eu3+-doped Gd2Ti2O7 thin films [1]