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dc.creatorChatrchyan, S.
dc.creatorAdžić, Petar
dc.creatorĐorđević, Miloš
dc.creatorJovanovic, D.
dc.creatorKrpic, D.
dc.creatorMaletic, D.
dc.creatorPuzovic, J.
dc.creatorSmiljkovic, N.
dc.creatorMilenović, Predrag
dc.identifier.issn1748-0221 (print)
dc.description.abstractCommissioning studies of the CMS hadron calorimeter have identified sporadic uncharacteristic noise and a small number of malfunctioning calorimeter channels. Algorithms have been developed to identify and address these problems in the data. The methods have been tested on cosmic ray muon data, calorimeter noise data, and single beam data collected with CMS in 2008. The noise rejection algorithms can be applied to LHC collision data at the trigger level or in the offline analysis. The application of the algorithms at the trigger level is shown to remove 90% of noise events with fake missing transverse energy above 100 GeV, which is sufficient for the CMS physics trigger operation.en
dc.relationFMSR (Austria), FNRS (Belgium), FWO (Belgium), CNPq (Brazil), CAPES (Brazil), FAPERJ (Brazil), FAPESP (Brazil), MES (Bulgaria), CERN, CAS (China), MoST (China), NSFC (China), COLCIEN-CIAS (Colombia), MSES (Croatia), RPF (Cyprus), Academy of Sciences (Estonia), NICPB (Estonia), Academy of Finland, ME (Finland), HIP (Finland), CEA (France), CNRS/IN2P3 (France), BMBF, Germany, DFG (Germany), HGF (Germany), GSRT (Greece), OTKA (Hungary), NKTH (Hungary), DAE (India), DST (India), IPM (Iran), SFI (Ireland), INFN (Italy), NRF (Korea), LAS (Lithuania), CINVESTAV (Mexico), SEP (Mexico), UASLP-FAI (Mexico), PAEC (Pakistan), SCSR (Poland), FCT (Portugal), JINR (Armenia), JINR (Belarus), JINR (Georgia), JINR (Ukraine), JINR (Uzbekistan), MST (Russia), MAE (Russia), MSTDS (Serbia), MICINN (Spain), CPAN (Spain), Swiss Funding Agencies (Switzerland), NSC (Taipei), TUBITAK (Turkey), TAEK (Turkey), STFC (United Kingdom), DOE (USA), NSF (USA), European Union, Leventis Foundation, A.P. Sloan Foundation, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
dc.sourceJournal of Instrumentationen
dc.subjectLarge detector systems for particle and astroparticle physicsen
dc.titleIdentification and filtering of uncharacteristic noise in the CMS hadron calorimeteren
dcterms.abstractЦхатрцхyан, С.; Aдзиц, П.; Јовановиц, Д.; Крпиц, Д.; Малетиц, Д.; Пузовиц, Ј.; Смиљковиц, Н.; Ђорђевић Милош; Миленовић Предраг;
dc.citation.otherArticle Number: T03014
dc.contributor.count(ukupan broj autora: 2424)

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