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dc.creatorLacnjevac, U.
dc.creatorJovic, B. M.
dc.creatorBaščarević, Zvezdana D.
dc.creatorMaksimović, Vesna
dc.creatorJovic, V. D.
dc.identifier.issn0013-4686 (print)
dc.description.abstractThe Ni-Mo-O alloy powders were electrodeposited from ammonium sulfate containing electrolytes for different Ni/Mo ions concentration ratios. Electrodeposition was investigated by the polarization measurements. The morphology, chemical composition and phase composition of these powders were investigated using SEM, EDS, AAS and XRD analysis. The EDS and AAS analysis showed that the powder composition depends on the Ni/Mo ions concentration ratio, with the Ni/Mo metals ratio in the powders being the same as the one in the solution. The as-deposited alloy powders were nanocrystalline, while after stepwise annealing at 300, 400, 500 and 600 degrees C for 2 h in N(2) atmosphere their crystallinity became more and more pronounced, with the dimension of crystallites increasing with the increase of the annealing temperature. Already after the annealing at 300 degrees C the presence of two phases, MoO(3) and NiMoO(4), was identified by XRD, while SEM analysis showed that the surfaces of powder particles were partially recrystallized. With the increase of the annealing temperature the amount of the NiMoO(4) was found to increase in all powders. For the powder electrodeposited from the solution with the highest Ni/Mo ratio (1/0.3) NiMoO(4) phase was detected together with a small amount of Ni(4)Mo phase, indicating phase transition of MoO(3) into NiMoO(4) (and probably Ni(4)Mo) at the temperature of 600 degrees C. (c) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.en
dc.relationMinistry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia [142032G/2006]
dc.sourceElectrochimica Actaen
dc.subjectNi-Mo-O powder electrodepositionen
dc.subjectPhase compositionen
dc.titleMorphology and phase composition of as-deposited and recrystallized Ni-Mo-O powdersen
dcterms.abstractЛацњевац, У.; Максимовић Весна; Јовиц, Б. М.; Басцаревиц, З.; Јовиц, В. Д.;

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