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dc.creatorMančić, Ana
dc.creatorHadžievski, Ljupčo
dc.creatorŠkorić, Miloš M.
dc.identifier.issn1070-664X (print)
dc.identifier.issn1089-7674 (electronic)
dc.description.abstractDynamical features of one-dimensional electromagnetic solitons formed in a relativistic interaction of a linearly polarized laser light with underdense cold plasma are investigated. The relativistic Lorentz force in an intense laser light pushes electrons into longitudinal motion, generating coupled longitudinal-transverse waves. In a weakly relativistic approximation these modes are well described by the generalized nonlinear Schrodinger type of equation, with two extra nonlocal terms. Here, an original analytical solution for a moving electromagnetic soliton is derived in an implicit form. For an isolated soliton, our analysis shows that the motion downshifts the soliton eigenfrequency and decreases its amplitude. The effect of the soliton velocity on the stability is analytically predicted and checked numerically. Results show shifting of the stability region toward larger amplitudes in comparison to the standing soliton case. Rich dynamics with examples of (un)stable soliton propagation and breather creation and formation of unstable cusp-type structures is exposed numerically. (c) 2006 American Institute of Physics.en
dc.sourcePhysics of Plasmasen
dc.titleDynamics of electromagnetic solitons in a relativistic plasmaen
dcterms.abstractМанциц, Aна; Скориц, Милос М.; Хаджиевски Љупчо;
dc.citation.otherArticle Number: 052309

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