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dc.creatorRistić-Fira, Aleksandra
dc.creatorNikolic, D
dc.creatorPetrović, Ivan M.
dc.creatorRuzdijic, S
dc.creatorRaffaele, L
dc.creatorSabini, MG
dc.creatorCirrone, Giuseppe Antonio Pablo
dc.creatorCuttone, Giacomo
dc.creatorFarruggia, G
dc.creatorMasotti, L
dc.creatorKanazir, DT
dc.identifier.issn1756-9966 (print)
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this work is the in vitro study of the late effects of single proton irradiation on HTB63 human melanoma cell growth, cell cycle and cell death. The experimental conditions were focused on analyzing the effects of irradiation on the periphery of tumour that can be, in clinical practice, close to critical organs. Confluent cell monolayers were irradiated with single doses ranging from 1 - 20 Gy, using proton beams having an energy of 22.6 MeV at the target. Antiproliferative effect of protons, cell cycle analysis and initiation of cell death, were followed 48 hours after irradiation. The inhibition of melanoma cell growth was observed, especially after single application of 12 and 16 Gy. Cell cycle analysis and cell viability have shown the G2/M and G1/G0 arrest of irradiated cells correlating with the increase of the applied dose. The flow cytometric analysis has shown presence of apoptotic nuclei. These data demonstrate that irradiation with protons, under the chosen experimental conditions, have significant effects on melanoma cell growth inhibition being dose dependent, G2/M cell cycle arrest and appearance of apoptotic nuclei, even 48 hours after irradiation. The results obtained may help the understanding of the relationship between cell proliferation, death and cell cycle regulation of melanomas after proton irradiation.en
dc.sourceJournal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Researchen
dc.subjectHTB63 human melanoma cellsen
dc.subjectproton irradiationen
dc.subjectcell cycleen
dc.titleThe late effects of proton irradiation on cell growth, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in a human melanoma cell lineen
dcterms.abstractРуздијиц, С; Раффаеле, Л; Масотти, Л; Николиц, Д; Петровиц, И; Каназир, ДТ; Ристић-Фира Aлександра; Сабини, МГ; Цирроне, ГAП; Цуттоне, Г; Фарруггиа, Г;

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