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dc.creatorHagen, T. W.
dc.creatorGrente, Lucie
dc.creatorGorgen, Andreas
dc.creatorSalsac, Marie Delphine
dc.creatorKorten, Wolfram
dc.creatorFarget, Fanny
dc.creatorBraunroth, Thomas
dc.creatorBruyneel, Bart
dc.creatorČeliković, Igor T.
dc.creatorClement, Emmanuel
dc.creatorde France, Gilles
dc.creatorDelaune, Olivier
dc.creatorDewald, Alfred
dc.creatorDijon, A.
dc.creatorHackstein, Matthias
dc.creatorJacquot, Bertrand
dc.creatorLitzinger, J.
dc.creatorLjungvall, Joa
dc.creatorLouchart, C.
dc.creatorMichelagnoli, Caterina
dc.creatorNapoli, Daniel R.
dc.creatorNavin, A.
dc.creatorRecchia, Francesco
dc.creatorRejmund, M.
dc.creatorRother, Wolfram
dc.creatorSahin, E.
dc.creatorSiem, Sunniva
dc.creatorSulignano, Barbara
dc.creatorTheisen, Christophe
dc.creatorValiente-Dobon, Jose Javier
dc.identifier.issn0587-4254 (print)
dc.identifier.issn1509-5770 (electronic)
dc.description.abstractLifetimes of short-lived excited states in a wide range of neutron-rich fission fragments were measured using the recoil distance Doppler shift (RDDS) technique, which was applied to fusion-fission reactions in inverse kinematics for the first time. The fission fragments were identified event-by-event in mass, charge, and atomic number using the VAMOS magnetic spectrometer at GANIL. Gamma rays originating from the fission fragments were measured with the EXOGAM array of Ge Clover detectors around the target position. Using a degrader, the change in the Doppler shift of the gamma ray allows the application of the RDDS method. Details of the experimental technique will be discussed and the status for the ongoing analysis for odd-mass yttrium isotopes will be presented.en
dc.sourceActa Physica Polonica. Series B: Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, Theory of Relativity, Field Theoryen
dc.titleLifetime Measurments of Excited States in Neutron-Rich Fission Fragmentsen
dcterms.abstractВалиенте-Добон, Ј. Ј.; Горген, A.; Ротхер, W.; Челиковић Игор; де Франце, Г.; Делауне, О.; Фаргет, Ф.; Реццхиа, Ф.; Кортен, W.; Сахин, Е.; Гренте, Л.; Јацqуот, Б.; Деwалд, A.; Мицхелагноли, Ц.; Сулигнано, Б.; Рејмунд, М.; Цлемент, Е.; Дијон, A.; Лоуцхарт, Ц.; Навин, A.; Хаген, Т. W.; Литзингер, Ј.; Салсац, М-Д.; Сием, С.; Наполи, Д. Р.; Љунгвалл, Ј.; Тхеисен, Цх.; Хацкстеин, М.; Браунротх, Т.; Бруyнеел, Б.;

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