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dc.creatorNikolić, Violeta N.
dc.creatorTadić, Marin
dc.creatorMraković, Ana Đ.
dc.creatorSpasojević, Vojislav
dc.description.abstractNano iron oxides have been intensively investigated due to their various potential biomedical applications. ε-Fe2O3 phase exerted internal coercivity value up to ~20 kOe, high Curie temperature (Tc= 510 K), and magnetoelectric character. Accordingly, epsilon phase is recognized as a suitable material for medical spintronic biosensors production, that present important part for the lab-on-a-chip systems. Noteworthy, ε-Fe2O3 phase exerts peculiar magnetic behavior. To get better insight into the magnetism of this material, ε-Fe2O3/SiO2 sample was prepared by the combination of the sol-gel synthesis and microemulsion method (Tann=1050 °C, tann= 4h). Afterwards, the sample was exposed to post-annealing treatment at 100 °C and 200 °C. Synthesized material was preliminary examined by XRD and SQUID techniques. Coercivity changes, induced by the post-annealing temperature oscillations, were monitored by hysteretic measurements. Sample annealed at 1050 °C for 4h, showed coercivity ~20 kOe. The same sample performed to the post-annealing treatment at 100 °C, exerted significantly decreased coercivity (~1600 Oe). Further rise of the post-annealing temperature (200 °C) resulted in the increased coercivity ~15 kOe. Obtained study showed that there is insufficient knowledge concerning the ε-Fe2O3 coercivity changes of the polymorph. The more detailed investigation will be conducted, in order to advance the control of the epsilon phase magnetic properties. © 2018 TANGER Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Integrated and Interdisciplinary Research (IIR or III)/45015/RS//
dc.sourceNANOCON 2017 - Conference Proceedings, 9th International Conference on Nanomaterials - Research and Application
dc.subjectPhase transformationsen
dc.subjectΕ-Fe2O3 phaseen
dc.titleUnusual temperature dependence of coercivity in ε-Fe2O3 phaseen
dcterms.abstractВојислав, С; Виолета, Н Н; Марин, Т; Aна, М;
dc.rights.holder© 2018 TANGER Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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