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dc.creatorHagen, T. W.
dc.creatorGorgen, Andreas
dc.creatorKorten, Wolfram
dc.creatorGrente, Lucie
dc.creatorSalsac, Marie Delphine
dc.creatorFarget, Fanny
dc.creatorBraunroth, Thomas
dc.creatorBruyneel, Bart
dc.creatorČeliković, Igor T.
dc.creatorClement, Emmanuel
dc.creatorde France, Gilles
dc.creatorDelaune, Olivier
dc.creatorDewald, Alfred
dc.creatorDijon, A.
dc.creatorHackstein, Matthias
dc.creatorJacquot, Bertrand
dc.creatorLitzinger, J.
dc.creatorLjungvall, Joa
dc.creatorLouchart, C.
dc.creatorMichelagnoli, Caterina
dc.creatorNapoli, Daniel R.
dc.creatorRecchia, Francesco
dc.creatorRother, Wolfram
dc.creatorSahin, E.
dc.creatorSiem, Sunniva
dc.creatorSulignano, Barbara
dc.creatorTheisen, Christophe
dc.creatorValiente-Dobon, Jose Javier
dc.identifier.issn1434-6001 (print)
dc.identifier.issn1434-601X (electronic)
dc.description.abstractLifetimes of excited states in Tc-107, Rh-109, Rh-111, and Rh-113 were measured at GANIL using the Recoil-Distance Doppler Shift method. The neutron-rich nuclei were produced in fission reactions in inverse kinematics with a U-238 beam impinging on a Be-9 target. Fission fragments were identified event-by-event in the ray-tracing spectrometer VAMOS++ and correlated with prompt gamma rays observed around the target position with the EXOGAM Ge detector array. Several lifetimes were obtained for states in the positiveparity yrast bands in the four nuclei and compared to triaxial particle-rotor calculations. The results clarify the configuration for the strongest positive-parity band in Tc-107 and suggest a gradual increase of triaxial deformation with atomic number Z, reaching almost maximum triaxiality for the neutron-rich Rh nuclei.
dc.relationEuropean Community - Capacities - Integrated Infrastructure Initiative - contract ENSAR [262010]
dc.relationResearch Council of Norway [213442]
dc.relationDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [DE 1516/3-1]
dc.relationDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
dc.sourceThe European Physical Journal A
dc.subjecthigh-spin structureen
dc.subjectdifferential plungeren
dc.subjectfission fragmentsen
dc.subjectrotational bandsen
dc.subject100 regionen
dc.titleLifetimes of excited states in triaxially deformed 107Tc and 109,111,113Rh
dcterms.abstractХацкстеин, М; Хаген, Т W; Кортен, W; Гренте, Л; Салсац, М -Д.; Фаргет, Ф; Браунротх, Т; Бруyнеел, Б; де Франце, Г; Делауне, О; Деwалд, A; Дијон, A; Јацqуот, Б; Литзингер, Ј; Љунгвалл, Ј; Лоуцхарт, Ц; Мицхелагноли, Ц; Наполи, Д Р; Реццхиа, Ф; Ротхер, W; Сахин, Е; Сием, С; Сулигнано, Б; Валиенте-Добон, Ј Ј; Тхеисен, Цх.; Гöрген, A.; Цлéмент, Е.; Челиковић, Игор Т.;
dc.rights.holder© SIF, Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 2018

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