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      A contribution to the study of thermal loads of hydraulic and active mounts of powertrain of a freight motor vehicle [1]
      A new approach on modeling of the B-VIII, the ultimate achievement of the second “Uranverain” [1]
      A new data in the kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of non-isothermal decomposition of super-fine kaolin powder [1]
      A new efficient domino approach for the synthesis of pyrazolyl-phthalazine-diones. Antiradical activity of novel phenolic products [1]
      A new method for multi-bit and qudit transfer based on commensurate waveguide arrays [1]
      A new method in designing compatibility and adhesion of EVA/PMMA blend by using EVA-g-PMMA with controlled graft chain length [1]
      A progressive electrochemical sensor for food quality control: Reliable determination of theobromine in chocolate products using a miniaturized boron-doped diamond electrode [1]
      A study of ordered mesoporous carbon doped with Co and Ni as a catalyst of oxygen reduction reaction in both alkaline and acidic media [1]
      Ab initio investigations of structural, electronic and mechanical properties of aluminum nitride at standard and elevated pressures [1]
      Acid leaching of natural chrysotile asbestos to mesoporous silica fibers [1]
      Acryloylferrocene as a convenient precursor of tetrahydropyrazolopyrazolones: [3+2] cycloaddition with N,N′ -Cyclic azomethine imines [1]
      Acute toxicity study in mice of orally administrated TiO 2 nanoparticles functionalized with caffeic acid [1]
      An advanced approach for electrochemical sensing of ibuprofen in pharmaceuticals and human urine samples using a bare boron-doped diamond electrode [1]
      An analysis of naturally occurring radionuclides and 137Cs in the soils of urban areas using gamma-ray spectrometry [1]
      Anisotropy in pPb and PbPb collisions from CMS [1]
      Antibacterial and Antibiofouling Properties of Light Triggered Fluorescent Hydrophobic Carbon Quantum Dots Langmuir–Blodgett Thin Films [1]
      Assessment of dose rate to terrestrial biota in the area around coal fired power plant applying ERICA tool and RESRAD BIOTA code [1]
      Assessment of radiation exposure to human and non-human biota due to natural radionuclides in terrestrial environment of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia [1]
      Backscattered electron spectra from graphite [1]
      Bacterial cellulose-lignin composite hydrogel as a promising agent in chronic wound healing [1]