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      Formation of Ag nanoparticles in Si (100) wafers by single and multiple low energy Ag ions implantation [1]
      Formation of needle-like and honeycomb-like magnesium oxide/hydroxide structures by electrodeposition from magnesium nitrate melts [1]
      Formation of the honeycomb-like MgO/Mg(OH)2 structures with controlled shape and size of holes by molten salt electrolysis [1]
      freeCappuccino - An Open Source Software Library for Computational Continuum Mechanics [1]
      Fruit Wines Inhibitory Activity Against α-Glucosidase [1]
      Full-scale CFD investigation of gas-particle flow, interactions and combustion in tangentially fired pulverized coal furnace [1]
      Fullerenol/iron nanocomposite diminishes doxorubicin-induced toxicity [1]
      Functional characterization of β2-adrenergic and insulin receptor heteromers [1]
      Functional Geometry of Human Connectomes [1]
      Functionalized graphene transistor for ultrasensitive detection of carbon quantum dots [1]
      Fundamental Plane of Elliptical Galaxies in f(R) Gravity: The Role of Luminosity [1]
      FUV Photoionization of Titan Atmospheric Aerosols [1]
      Galactic Structures from Gravitational Radii [1]
      Gamaspektrometrijska kontrola hrane za ljude i životinje nakon akcidenta u Černobilju [1]
      Gamaspektrometrijsko ispitivanje čajeva iz uvoza u periodu od 2015. do 2018. godine [1]
      Gamma ray assisted modification of carbon quantum dot/polyurethane nanocomposites: structural, mechanical and photocatalytic study [1]
      Gamma spectrometry control of food and feed after Chernobyl [1]
      Gamma spectrometry testing of imported tea in period of 2015 to 2018 [1]
      Gamma-radiation effects on luminescence properties of Eu 3+ activated LaPO 4 phosphor [1]
      GdVO4:Er3+/Yb3+ nanocrystalline powder as fluorescence temperature sensor. Application to monitor the temperature of an electrical component [1]