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      Parametric optimization of the aluminium nanocomposites wear rate [1]
      Past and present work practices of European interventional cardiologists in the context of radiation protection of the eye lens—results of the EURALOC study [1]
      Pathophysiology of Subjective Tinnitus: Triggers and Maintenance [1]
      PCSK9 and Hypercholesterolemia: Therapeutic Approach [1]
      Pd(II) complexes with N-heteroaromatic hydrazone ligands: Anticancer activity, in silico and experimental target identification [1]
      Pectin-based nanocomposite aerogels for potential insulated food packaging application [2]
      Pectin/Carboxymethylcellulose Films as a Potential Food Packaging Material [1]
      Performance and Molière radius measurements using a compact prototype of LumiCal in an electron test beam [1]
      PHACTR1 haplotypes are associated with carotid plaque presence and affect PHACTR1 mRNA expression in carotid plaque tissue [1]
      Phase transitions in higher-melting imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Experiments and advanced data analysis [1]
      Phase transitions in higher-melting ionic liquids: Thermal storage materials or liquid crystals? [1]
      Photo-induced antibacterial activity of four graphene based nanomaterials on a wide range of bacteria [1]
      Photoacoustic response of a transmission photoacoustic configuration for two-layer samples with thermal memory [1]
      Photocatalytic decomposition of selected biologically active compounds in environmental waters using TiO 2 /polyaniline nanocomposites: Kinetics, toxicity and intermediates assessment [1]
      Photoluminescence of carbon-based nanomaterials: Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, graphene oxide, graphene and carbon quantum dots [1]
      Photoluminescence properties and thermal stability of RE2-xEuxSn2O7 (RE = Y3+, Gd3+, Lu3+) red nanophosphors: An experimental and theoretical study [1]
      Photon diagnostics at the FLASH THz beamline [1]
      Physical Properties and Biocompatibility of Nanostructural Biomaterials Based on Active Calcium Silicate Systems and Hydroxyapatite [1]
      Physico-chemical characterization of carbonized apricot kernel shell as precursor for activated carbon preparation in clean technology utilization [1]
      Physicochemical and radiological characterization of kaolin and its polymerization products [1]